Procedures for Online Generation of Shipping Bill

Procedures for Online Generation of Shipping Bill

Indian Customs EDI System can accept the documents from the trading partners in the Electronic Format. The documents can be prepared and submitted using either the Electronic Data interchange or Service Centre.

Importers/Exporters and Customs House Agents who do not have access to the Internet can get their documents electronically prepared and submitted for further processing at the Service Centre.

The data entered through EDI or Service Centre gets validated before their storage into ICES. If errors are found, the same are reported to the Importer/Exporter/Customs House Agent through EDI or at the Service Centre.

Documents once entered and submitted are then reviewed by different officers of the Customs House at various stages of processing and final clearance is accorded on the computer system after all the formalities are over for physical examination of goods at the sheds. ICES keeps track of the officers who have handled the documents at various stages of processing. The Customs House Agent, in turn, can enquire about the status of his documents from his own system. He can view any memo or objections on his documents as they are Posted in the system.

Procedure for Online Generation of Shipping Bill:

(a) Registration With Customs EDI: before filing any Export Shipping bill, Exporters or Customs House Agents (CHA) are required to register with the Customs EDI System their IEC Code No. or CHA Licence No. and Authorised Dealer Code No. of the Bank through which export proceeds are to realized.


(a) Submission of Declaration: those intending to file the Shipping Bill will have to present at the Service Centre a declaration in the prescribed format signed by the exporter or his authorised CHA along with the copy of Invoice and Packing List.

(c) Verification of Checklist: On completion of data entry at the service centre, a "Check List" is generated which is handed over to the Exporters or Customs House Agents. They are required to verify the correctness of data and if any error or mistake is detected, they should inform the Service Centre operators who makes corresponding correction in the data.

(b) Processing of Shipping Bill: After the correct data has been entered into the system, the Shipping Bills is processed automatically by the System on the basis of the declaration made by the exporters. Only the following categories of Shipping Bill are assessed by the Assistant Commissioner (Export):

Shipping Bills where the FOB value is more than Rs. 10 Lakhs.

Shipping Bills relating to free trade samples whose value is more than Rs.20,000/-

Drawback Shipping Bills where drawback amount is more than Rs. 1 Lakh.

The status of the Shipping Bill can be checked by the Exporter/CHA at the Service Center. They should also check whether any query has been raised in respect of their Shipping Bill. In case of any query, they should file a reply to the query through the Service Center.

(e) Verification of Goods: During examination of the goods at the docks, the exporter/CHA has to present the Check List alongwith all original documents such as invoice, packing list, etc. to the Customs Officer. The Appraiser issues 'Let Export order if everything is found to be in order after examination of the goods and scrutiny of the documents.

(f) Issue of Shipping Bill: After the "Let Export" order is given, the printout of the shipping bill is generated. The examination report printed on the shipping bill is to be signed by the Appraiser, Examiner as well as the customs house agent/exporter. The name and licence no. of the customs house agent should be clearly mentioned below his signature.


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Vidyadutt: we are having user id and password for iec gate, please tell How to get 'Shipping Bill on line . Letus have the procesure

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