Is bank permission required to pay interest on Import bills?

How does importer Bank treat INTEREST ON IMPORT BILLS

According to Reserve Bank of India update as on 31st May, 2022, the directions on Banking rules to account interest on Import bills in India is given below:

C.2. Interest on Import Bills

(i) AD Category – I bank may allow payment of interest on usance bills or overdue interest on delayed payments for a period of less than three years from the date of shipment at the rate prescribed for trade credit from time to time.

(ii) In case of pre-payment of usance import bills, remittances may be made only after reducing the proportionate interest for the unexpired portion of usance at the rate at which interest has been claimed or LIBOR of the currency in which the goods have been invoiced, whichever is applicable. Where interest is not separately claimed or expressly indicated, remittances may be allowed after deducting the proportionate interest for the unexpired portion of usance at the prevailing LIBOR of the currency of invoice.

(iii) In case of change in value due to (i) or (ii) above, the respective AD bank should ensure proper remark/indicator is entered for ORM mark off in IDPMS etc as per extant IDPMS guidelines.

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