How to prepare Shipping Advice in Export Import Trade?


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Shipment Advice in Exports and Imports. 


Shipment Advice – a term used in exports and imports of international trade. What is Shipping Advice? Who prepares Shipping Advice? What is the purpose of Shipping Advice? What are the contents of a Shipment Advice? When does Shipping Advice send?


Shipment Advice is the alert given by shipper to consignee before arrival of goods at destination containing the details of shipment.

How to prepare Shipping Advice in Export Import Trade copy Once after completion of export procedures at load port by exporter or his authorized agent, the cargo is handed over to carrier. The carrier arranges to move the cargo to final destination as per agreed mode of transport. Once after handing over shipment to carrier, the supplier (exporter) prepares a document mentioning the details of shipment with Planning vessel / flight details, Expected Time of Departure at Port of Loading, Planning vessel/flight details of transshipment if any, Expected Time of Arrival at Destination port etc. These details are sent to overseas buyer to alert him about the shipment details and its arrival at destination, so as to enable him to plan for taking delivery of goods. This document of shipment alert is called Shipping advice or Shipping alert.

While preparing Shipment advice, make sure you have included the following information:

a) Purchase order Number under shipment.
b) Any other reference number of export contract.
c) If LC involved, Letter of credit number
d) Invoice number of shipper (exporter)
e) Bill of Lading number or Airway Bill Number
f) If House Bill of Lading or House airway bill involved, the HAWB/HBL number
g) MBL/MAWB number if applicable
h) Planning vessel/flight details with expected time of departure
i) Tran shipment vessel/ flight details with expected time of departure
j) Name of shipping line / Name of aircraft name.
k) Expected time of arrival at port of destination.
l) Any other information, either specified by overseas buyer or shipper wants to include.


Shipment advice is important information for any consignee, as it helps to track arrival of shipment at destination port for smooth planning to take delivery of goods. There are many cases that consignee fails to come to know about arrival of goods and happened to pay exorbitant demurrage and detention to the authorities.
Once after sending shipping advice either email, fax or courier, make sure, your consignee received SHIPMENT ADVICE. If possible, file an acknowledgement copy of receipt of such shipping advice which may helps you in future, if any dispute arises.
Beware, tracking of cargo and follow up of arrival of goods is the responsibility of consignee and dispatch of Cargo Arrival Notice (CAN) by carrier carries no legal responsibility.


I hope, I could explain about Shipping Advice in exports and imports of international trade in simple language to make you easy understand. Do you wish to add more information about Shipment Advice in exports and imports? Share your experience in handling Shipping Advice in international trade.


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Mike: While looking at a few LC forms the following questions arose: 1. Conforming goods If you require goods to meet a specification (i.e. "Safeway widgets") in commercial invoice, do banks do a good job of comparing the specification in commercial invoice with inspection certificate furnished when exporter presents documents? So far of the 3 letter of credit applications I've seen you can mark the commercial invoice and inspection as a required document but wanted your comments as to how you can assure a bank NOT pay for a non-conforming good. 2. Advances, Importer inspection & payment after inspection (deferment) + Revolving Of 3 LC applications I've seen I haven't found one that can accommodate the scenario of an exporter getting a 50% once they ship merchandise and the remainder upon inspection certificate at destination and this will be up to ONCE a week, ONE TL at a given moment for a span of 6 months (revolving). What do I do? Make my own LC form? Is this common/possible/conforming to UCP600? 3. "non-operative" "operative" "activation" , etc. of SBLC & LC I don't deal in vessel quantities nor do any of my clients require standby LC's (SBLC)? But was just wondering : a. Can back-to-back SBLC's be accommodated by a bank that accommodates regular back to back LC's and/or are they in UCP600? b. I've read some years ago a trade procedure for vessel volume deals a "non-operative" and "operative" supplier SBLC's "activate" a buyers LC, respectively. This I never did understand, does this mean that a buyer is promising to fax the LC form to the bank or can both the supplier's and buyer's banks intercommunicate and activate instruments mutually, in parallel, simultaneously to prevent a buyer from opening an LC without its accompanying SBLC and VICE - VERSA?

Naima: Hi,, Please for the j) Name of shipping line / Name of aircraft name. If the shipment is effected through an Agent of the Carrier so we will mention in the shipping advice : AGENT ( NAME ) AS AGENT FOR THE CARRIER ( CARRIER NAME ). Please i need your reply as i have one L/C which is effected through an agent of the carrier and i have to send the Shipment Details to the insurance company. Thank you

Satya Bhat Suda: Dear Sir, For Transshipment Advise (TSA) for LCL import shipment, does it mandatory to provide the packing list in printed instead of hand written.. One of our customer is always receiving the hand written packing list. where the co-loader is not accepting the same and asking the printed documents. Kindly clarify..

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