6 digit HS codes Chapter 10 Cereals

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6 digit HS codes Chapter 10 Cereals

What is HS code (Harmonized Tariff Schedule –HTS), Difference between HS code and Indian Tariff Code ITC, Difference between Schedule B, HS code and ITC code.

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In this article, the Harmonized System codes (Harmonized Tariff System- HTS)   for Cereals are mentioned which help you in exporting and importing ofCerealsThese codes help exporters and importer all over world to know product classification code named differently in each country like Schedule B, ITC, HS, HTS, Tariff Code etc.

For example if you need to export or import  Cereals from/to  any country, the  customs department  and other government and non government agencies  of respective country identify your product on the basis of harmonized system code. If you are importing or exporting Cereals, the 6 digit harmonized system code mentioned in this article is accepted all over world.  In other words, the export and import of Cereals are categorized productwise under the information mentioned here.  These harmonized system codes (HS codes) have been displayed in this web blog  in a systematic order to make you understand and identify easily.  I hope, the information in this article helps you for smooth import or export of Cereals

1001 wheat and meslin

100110 Durum Wheat:

100111 Seed

100119 Other

100190 Seed , White, Other

Chapter 10 CEREALS

1002 rye in the grain

100200 Rye

1003 Barley

100300 Barley:

1004 Oats

100400 Oats:

100410 Seed

100480 Other

1005 Corn (Maize)

100510 Seed

100590 Maize (Not Seed)


1006 Rice

100610 Rice in the husk (paddy or rough)

100620 Husked (brown) rice:

100630 Semi-milled or wholly milled rice, whether or not polished or glazed: Parboiled:

100640 Broken Rice


1007 Grain sorghum

100700 Grain sorghum:

100720 Seed of a kind used for sowing


1008 buckwheat, millet & canary seed, cereals nesoi

100810 Buckwheat

100820 Millet

100830 Canary Seed

100890 Other Cereals:


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In this post, I  have mentioned HS codes   which help exporters and importers of Cereals.  These HS codes helps exporters and importers of Cereals to identify their product to use in customs department and other government and non government agencies to import or export of  Cereals.  I hope the information in this post supports exporters and importers of Cereals.   The buyers of Cereals and sellers of Cereals in import export trade  may use the HS codes mentioned in this post.     The suppliers of Cereals and buyers of Cereals in international trade may please be noted, an addition of two or four digits might be added  to these HS codes by government of respective country.   So the exporters or importers of Cereals may follow such addition if any after verifying with rules and regulations of respective country.  I will be writing   about how to export Cereals and how to import Cereals shortly.   The buyers of Cereals and sellers of Cereals in export import trade may also  be noted, the classification of products  is named  differently in each country by adding two or four digits along with HS codes.  For examples, in US (United States), the classification is called ‘Schedule B’  where as in India  ‘ITC number (Indian Tariff Code number). Hope this article helps importers of Cereals and exporters of Cereals.  Comment below your thoughtsClick here to know HS code of other product/commodity

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Rajesh Kumar Pandey: H.S.N. Code No.1006.30.10 : Whether Basmati Rice or not? Answer awaited.

Nilesh: Sir, i have established a new Import-Export company last year in August 2019. I have worked in big MNC’s for 23 years in different capacities and my last designation was Deputy General Manager Finance. I decided to venture into Import-Export business mainly to support our local manufacturers who are having strong products as i do have exposure of East African regions due to my dealings into these countries. Sir, currently i have an inquiry of Assorted grocery items such as Rice, Spice, Pulses, Grains, Wheat Flour & other flours as well, Pappadam, Different Dals [Tuver Dal, Chana Dal, Masoor Dal etc.]. I got this inquiry from one of my friend who is having a grocery shop in Portugal, currently he is buying all such items from USA or London itself but now would like to try importing directly from India. Sir, can you please let me know if i buy goods from the local wholesale market or co-operative societies than what sort of documents/certificates i need to obtain from local suppliers, what sort of export packaging should i require, if i buy from several suppliers than will i be able to obtain a single Certificate of Origin from Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and will i be able to raise a single export invoice for all the items from my company?

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