Terms used in shipping such as Low water,Lagan,Laisser Passer,LANDBRIDGE,Lash,landlord port,Lashing Gear


Terms used in shipping such as Low water,Lagan,Laisser Passer,LANDBRIDGE,Lash,landlord port,Lashing Gear etc.



This post explains about terms used in shipping such as Labor Advisory Committee , labor union,Low water,Lagan,Laisser Passer,LANDBRIDGE,Lash,landlord port,Lashing Gear etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in shipping


L.R.M.C. - Lloyd's refrigerating machinery certificate


l.s. - Lump sum


L.S. Cls. - Livestock clauses


L.S.H.W. Liab. - Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Liability


L.S.T. - Local standard time


Terms used in shipping such as Low water,Lagan,Laisser Passer,LANDBRIDGE,Lash,landlord port,Lashing Gear etcL.T.A. - Long term agreement


L.U.A. - Lloyd's Underwriters' Association


L.U.A.A. - Lloyd's Underwriting Agents Association


L.U.A.M.C. - Leading underwriter agreement for marine cargo


L.U.A.M.H. - Leading underwriter agreement for marine hull


L.U.C.R.O. - Lloyd's Underwriters' Claims andRecoveries Office


L.U.T.I.R.O. - Life and Unit Trust Intermediaries Regulatory Organization


L.W. - Low water


L.W.O.S.T. - Low water, ordinary spring tides


L/A - Letter of authority. Landing account. Lloyd's agent


L/C - Letter of Credit


L/T:Long tons (2,240 lbs.).


l/u - Laid up, Letter of undertaking


L/U - Leading Underwriter


La Zone Franc - See: Franc Zone.


Labor Advisory Committee - A committee of private sector advisors, consisting of trade union representatives and other experts, which advises the Labor Department and the United States Trade Representative on U.S. trade policy matters.


labor union: An organization of workers formed to serve members’ collective interests with regard to wages and working conditions. The maritime unions within ports can include locals of the larger union, such as the General Longshore Workers; Clerks and Checkers; Sack-sewers, Sweepers, Water boys and Coopers; Dock Loaders and Unloaders of Freight Cars and Barges; Dray Clerks, Weighers and Samplers; plus the Seafarer’s International Union; the National Maritime Union; the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association and the Teamsters. Some laborers don’t belong to a union.


Laden:Loaded aboard a vessel


Lading:Refers to the freight shipped; the contents of a shipment.


LAES - Latin American Economic System


LAFTA - Latin American Free Trade Association


lagan - Goods that have been jettisoned but are attached to a floating object so that they can be recovered.


LAGAN:Cargo or equipment to which an identifying marker or buoy is fastened and thrown overboard in time of danger to lighten a ship’s load. Under maritime law, if the goods are later found they must be returned to the owner whose marker is attached. The owner must make a salvage payment.


LAIA - Latin American Integration Association


LAID-UP TONNAGE:Ships not in active service; a ship which is out of commission for fitting out, awaiting better markets, needing work for classification, etc.


Laisser Passer - A document accorded by a host government to foreign diplomatic personnel, which permits them to pass freely across the border of that country.


Lake Chad Basin Commission - The LCBC recommends plans for developing the Chad Basin and coordinates research programs. The Commission was established in 1964; headquarters are in N'Djamena, Chad. LCBC members include: The Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria.


LAKER:Type of ship which trades only in the Great Lakes of North America. They usually carry grain and ore cargoes.


LANBY - Large automatic navigation buoy


LANDBRIDGE:(1) A system of through rates and service offered by a carrier for cargo shipments from a foreign port to a U.S. port, across U.S. land to another U.S. port and finally by sea to a foreign port destination. (2) Containers moving from a foreign country by vessel, transiting the United States by railroad, and then loaded aboard another vessel for delivery to a second foreign country


Landed Cost:The total cost which an importer pays to have goods delivered into their premises. This typically includes the costs of the goods, international transport, insurance premium, port charges, customs duties, delivery charges, bank charges etc.


Landing Certificate:Certificate issued by consular officials of some importing countries at the point or place of export when the subject goods are exported under bond.


Landing Gear:A support fixed on the front part of a chassis (which is retractable); used to support the front end of a chassis when the tractor has been removed.


landlord port: At a landlord port, the port authority builds the wharves, which it then rents or leases to a terminal operator (usually a stevedoring company). The operator invests in cargo-handling equipment (forklifts, cranes, etc), hires longshore laborers to operate such lift machinery and negotiates contracts with ocean carriers (steamship services) to handle the unloading and loading of ship cargoes. (See also: operating port.)


Lash - It stands for 'Lighter Aboard Ship.' It is a barge carrier that is designed to act as a shuttle between ports, taking on and discharging barges.


LASH - Lighter aboard ship


LASH SHIPS:LASH stand for Lighter Aboard Ship. It is a specialized container ship carrying very large floating containers, or “lighters.” The ship carries its own massive crane, which loads and discharges the containers over the stern. The lighters each have a capacity of 400 tons and are stowed in the holds and on deck. While, the ship is at sea with one set of lighters, further sets can be made ready. Loading and discharge are rapid at about 15 minutes per lighter, no port or dock facilities are needed, and the lighters can be grouped for pushing by towboats along inland waterways.


LASH VESSELS:Barges specifically designed to load on a vessel internally and for quick vessel turnaround. The concept is to quickly float the barges to the vessel (using tugs or ships wenches), load the barges through the rear of the vessel, then sail. Upon arrival at the foreign port, the reverse happens. Barges are quickly floated away from the vessel and another set of waiting barges quickly are loaded. Usually crane-equipped, these barges handle mostly breakbulk cargo.


LASH: These 900-foot-long ships carry small barges inside the vessel. LASH stands for Lighter Aboard Ship. Just as cargo is transported by barge from the shallower parts of the Mississippi River to the Port of New Orleans for export aboard ocean-going ships, LASH barges are lifted into these unusual ships. Overseas, the ship can discharge clusters of barges in the open waters. Then several towboats will assemble the barges into tows bound for various ports and inland waterways, without the ship having to spend time traveling to each port.


Lashing Gear:Chains and rods used to fasten containers on the deck of a vessel.


Lashing:Support for cargoes inside a container or a cargo hold to ensure that they are secured and will not be subject to rolling during the voyage from origin to destination.


Late-Come:It is a term used in the liner industry when extensions are being given to the shippers against the official CY or CFS Closing date and time which carriers publish to the trade.


The above details describes about terms called in shipping such as Labor Advisory Committee , labor union,Low water,Lagan,Laisser Passer,LANDBRIDGE,Lash,landlord port,Lashing Gear etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in shipping business below this post.Terms used in shipping such as Korea Trade Promotion Corporation, Kommanditgesellschaft,Knot

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