Terms used in business such as V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc


The terms used in business such as V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Voluntary Bankruptcy, Voluntary Liquidation,V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Void - a void contract is one that cannot be performed or completed at all. A void contract is void from the beginning and the normal remedy, if possible, is to put things back to where they were before the contract. Contracts are void where one party lacks the capacity to perform the contracted task, it is based on a mistake, or it is illegal.


volume: An amount or quantity of business; the volume of a business is the total it sells over a period of time.


Voluntary Bankruptcy - A situation in which a debtor voluntary files for bankruptcy because they cannot pay their creditors.


Voluntary Export Restraint (VER) - A quota on trade imposed from the exporting country's side, instead of the importer's; usually imposed at the request of the importing country's government.


Voluntary Liquidation - A situation where the owners/directors of a solvent company decide to cease business, sell the company's assets and pay all the creditors.


Vote Of No Confidence - A vote which shows that the majority of those voting have lost confidence in something, usually a government.

The terms used in  business such as V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc

voting rights: the rights that shareholders have to vote on matters affecting a corporation


Voting Shares - Called Voting Stock in the US. A company share which gives the shareholder the right to vote on matters regarding company policy, etc.


Voucher:It is a small printed piece of paper that serves to attest the payment of money.


Voyage Policy:It is one of the types of marine policies, which is taken to cover the risks of a particular voyage between two ports.


VPC (Vente par correspondence- Mail Order selling) / VPC (Vente par correspondance) :Sales method where neither the buyer nor the seller meet. The entire transaction, from the order to the payment is done by mail.


V-shaped recession - The simplest shape and basic form of recession, namely a broadly straight-lined angled decline to a trough or lowest point, followed by a relatively quick 'bounce' upwards again in a straight-lined angled rise back to the pre-recession level.


vulture capitalist: a venture capitalist who structures deals on behalf of an entrepreneur in such a way that the investors benefit rather than the entrepreneur


Wage Differential - The difference in wage rates between different types of worker, often those with similar jobs but who work in different regions of a country, have different skills, hours of work, etc.


Wage Drift - A situation when basic rates of pay are not as high as levels of wages actually paid. This is often because of increases in overtime, bonuses, profit share, etc.


Wage Slave - Someone whose is totally dependent on the wages they earn.


Wager Policy:This Ts a kind of insurance policy in which the insured does not have any insurable interest in the- subject matter of insurance and in which the underwriter dispenses with any proof of interest. It is not a valid policy in the eye of law.


wages: a form of pay given to employees in exchange for the work they have done


Waiting period / Délai constitutif de sinistre :Period between the maturity date of the unpaid debt and the date when the policyholder can make the claim.


Waiver - A formal statement in which someone gives up a right or privilege.


waiver of premium: a provision of an insurance policy that suspends payment of premiums, for example, if the insured suffers disabling injury


Walk Back The Cat - A metaphor for troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, the situation is analysed in chronological order to find out when the problem happened and why, and correct mistakes so they don't happen again. Like when a cat unravels a ball of string and you have to rewind the twisted yarn to find the flaw.


walk: to resign from a job


Walking Papers - Also called Walking Ticket. A notification of dismissal from a job.


Wall Street - A street in Lower Manhattan where the New York Stock Exchange and financial centre is situated.


wallet technology: a software package providing digital wallets or purses on the computers of merchants and customers to facilitate payment by digital cash


WAN - Wide Area Network. A communications network which covers a wide area of a region or country, connecting computers, phones, etc.


WAP - Wireless Application Protocol. An open network communications system which enables information to be sent between hand-held devices such as mobile phones, pagers, etc.


Warehouse / Entrepôt :A large building where goods are kept.


Warrant / Warrant :Document subscribed to by a trader and whose payment is guaranteed by a security for the goods displayed in "general stores". However, hotel, petrol and industrial warrants come under specific rules and constitute securities that cannot be dispossessed by registration with the clerk of the commercial court (with the exception of agricultural warrants which are registered in the magistrates' court).


Warranties - promises made in a contract, but which are less than a condition. Failure of a warranty results in liability to pay but will not be a breach of contract.


Warranty:  An expressed or implied statement that a situation or thing is as it appears to be or is represented to be


waste management: a sustainable process for reducing the environmental impact of the disposal of all types of materials used by businesses.


Watch List - A list of investments being monitored because they are showing signs of unusual activity, often because the companies who own the shares may be takeover targets.


Watchdog - A person or organisation that monitors the practices of companies to ensure they are nor acting illegally.


Watered Capital:It refers to that portion of the share capital of a joint stock company. Which is not represented by any tangible or realizable assets; thus the amount paid for goodwill is known as watered capital.


WATS - An acronym for Wide Area Telecommunications Service. WATS is a usage sensitive pricing arrangement, wherein the more service utilized per circuit the less the cost for subsequent calls. WATS is also distance sensitive between bands. Bands are numbered to represent geographic and/or NPA coverage. Calls of same or varying distance within a given band are equally priced.


Wayzgoose - A traditional August outing or party for printers, typically around St Bartholomwe's Day, 24th August, marking the end of summer, when work by candlelight began each year. The term persisted in the print industry in more general use referring to a company party, although its use is now rare since large-scale automation and workforce reduction.


Weak Form Efficient Market - A market in which prices fully reflect the information in past prices.


Wealth:In the wider sense wealth is synonymous with economic goods. To be wealth commodity must have exchange value and material possessions measured by price. It has attributes of utility, scarcity, transferability and externality.


Web marketing: the process of creating, developing, and enhancing a Web site in order to increase the number of visits by potential customers


Web Server:The computer where data are maintained and which causes the other computers to be linked up with the internet is called a Web Serve. A Web Server is also known as a gateway. This server is permanently connected with the internet with a dedicated telephone line and normally this line remains open for 24 hours.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Voluntary Bankruptcy, Voluntary Liquidation,V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Verbal Judo,venture funding:,Vested Interest,Viable,Vigorish,Virtual Memory,Virus,Vocation etc

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