How to import to Nepal, step by step process

Complete Procedures to import goods to Nepal

How to import to Nepal? What are the import procedures in Nepal to move goods?  Explain about import registration process, cargo movement to Nepal from overseas countries, Import delivery process in Nepal etc.  Detail the import methodology in Nepal.


This post explains about step by step procedures that need to be finished with Nepal government authority for importation to Nepal.


If anyone wants to start export or import of merchandise from and to Nepal, is required to have a valid business license in Nepal.  Subsequently, also register with VAT.

The policy of liberalization allows open imports without a license except for those controlled goods.

Department of Customs under the Ministry of Finance dealt in collecting Customs duties, enhance trade facilitation etc. All exporters and importers must obtain the export, import code (EXIM code) which is issued by the Department of Customs of Nepal.


The import documents required in Nepal depends up on the regular trade policy of Nepal Government, the nature of goods importing, specific goods importing to Nepal. The documents required for import to Nepal to take delivery of import cargo is also based on the product importing, multilateral, bilateral or unilateral trade agreements, and other trade policies of Nepal government. 


For the most part in all nations there are three phases of process for import. One time enrolment method to acquire import permit, documentation required for importation and Import customs clearance procedures. Point by point data on these three phases of imports has been specified independently in this site. You may click underneath those data connects to find out about well ordered techniques on the most proficient method to import:



License required for Import

Import documents required

Import Customs Process


This post explains about different phases in import process that every importer needs to go through in Nepal.



The following details also clarify:

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 IGST Act Section 1 short title, extent and commencement

IGST Act Section 2 definitions

IGST Act Section 3 Appointment of officers.

IGST Act Section 4 Authorisation of officers

IGST Act Section 5 Levy and Collection

IGST Act section 6 Power to grant exemption from tax

IGST Act section 7 Inter-State supply

IGST Act section 8 Intra-State supply

IGST Act section 9 Supplies in territorial waters

IGST Act Section 10 Place of supply of goods

IGST Act section 11 The place of supply of goods

IGST Act Section 12 Place of supply of services , location of supplier and recipient in India

IGST Act Section 13 location of supplier or location of recipient is outside India

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