Terms used in business such as Revenue Stamp,Reverse Merger,Revolving Credit , Rider ,Route 128 , Royalty ,Rubber Cheque etc


The terms used in business such as Revenue Stamp,Reverse Merger,Revolving Credit , Rider ,Route 128 , Royalty ,Rubber Cheque etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Return / Retour ,Return On Investment,Revenue Stamp,Reverse Merger,Revolving Credit ,Rider ,Route 128 , Royalty ,Rubber Cheque etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Retention of title - a type of clause that can be included in contracts where a buyer may physically receive property, but doesn’t take legal ownership from the seller until the full purchase price is paid.


Retention of title (clause) / Réserve de propriété (clause) :The retention of title clause signifies that until the goods are paid for, they remain the property of the seller.


Retrench - To cut down on spending, economise, for example to reduce a workforce.


Return / Retour :To send or take goods back to the shop.


Return On Assets - ROA. Net income divided by total cost or value of assets. The more expensive a company's assets, the less profit the assets will generate.

The terms used in  business such as Revenue Stamp,Reverse Merger,Revolving

Return On Capital Employed - ROCE. A company's financial indicator which compares earnings with the company's capital investments.


Return on investment / Retour sur investissement :Sales resulting from your operation, as compared to the cost of the operation. The advantage of Direct Marketing is that it allows for very quick return on investment.


Return On Investment - ROI. Also known as Rate Of Return. The percentage of profit earned by an investment in a business, etc.


Return on investment (ROI) - a calculation that works out how efficient a business is at generating profit from the original equity provided by the owners/shareholders. It's a way of thinking about the benefit (return) of the money you've invested into the business. To calculate ROI, divide the gain (net profit) of the investment by the cost of the investment - the ROI is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.(Net profit) / (Cost) x 100 = ROI :ExampleAnnie buys $1000 worth of stocks and sells the stocks a year later for $1500. The net profit is $500.Return on Investment = (500 / 1000) = 0.5 x 100 = 50% Annie's ROI on the stocks is 50%.Revenue - (also known as turnover) the amount earned before expenses, tax and other deductions are taken out.


Return on Investment (ROI):  The rate of return at which the sum of the discounted future cash flows plus the discounted future residual value equals the initial  cash outlay


Revenue - Also referred to as Sales or Income. This is the amount of money earned from selling products and/or services during the period. It does not matter whether the sale was for cash or put on a credit account. If it occurred during that period of time, it counts as revenue.


Revenue Stamp - A stamp or sticker which is put on an item, for example a packet of cigarettes, as proof that a government tax has been paid.


revenue: Total sales during a stated period.


Reverse Auction - A type of auction in which there are several sellers and only one buyer. The buyer usually purchases the goods or service from the seller who offers the lowest price.


Reverse Billing - A payment method used for messaging on mobile phones in which the recipient pays for the text message.


Reverse Merger - When a private company acquires the majority of a public company's shares, therefore enabling the private company to get a public listing on the stock exchange.


Revolving Credit - A type of credit agreement, e.g., a credit card, in which a person is given a specified credit limit which can be paid in full or in part, usually on a monthly basis. If the amount owing is paid in full in the first month then usually no interest is charged. When the full credit limit has been reached a payment must be made before the credit card can be used again.


revolving fund: a fund the resources of which are replenished from the revenue of the projects that it finances


Rider - An attachment which makes amendments or provisions to an original contract or official document. In the entertainment industry, a rider is a list of demands made by a performer, usually before a show, sometimes including particular foods and drinks, hotels and transport, free tickets for friends and family, etc.


RIF :Reduction in Force.


Rights Issue - The issuing of new shares which are offered to a company's existing shareholders at a fixed price, usually lower than the market price.


Ring:It is a loose combination of dealers formed in order to force up the price of any commodity by withdrawing the supplies from the market.


Risk - In business, especially insurance, the amount of money a company stands to lose, or the threat of an action or event which will have an adverse effect on a business.


Roaming - A service which enables a person to connect to the Internet, or use their mobile phone, while they are travelling.


Rogue Trader - A stockbroker who makes unauthorised, usually high risk, trades on behalf of their employer, often resulting in huge losses.


Rolling Contract - A contract which runs for a specific period of time and continues to be renewed for further periods, subject to review.


Rolling Stock:It refers to the stock of engines, boilers, carriages, wagons, railway cars, or trucks.


Roll-On Roll-Off - Ro-Ro. In the UK, describes ferries which vehicles can be driven onto at one end and driven off at the other end on reaching their destination.


Roll-On-Roll-Off (Ro-Ro) / Trans-roulage :More commonly called Ro-Ro (from Roll-On-Roll-Off), this technique helps a vehicle to enter/exit a ship on its own or, in case of a land route, a train.


Round Lot - Also called Normal Trading Unit. A block of shares, usually 100, which is traded on the Stock Market.


Route 128 - Also known as Yankee Division Highway. A highway encircling Boston , Massachusetts, which is associated with the technology industry.


Router / Routeur :Business specialized in taking charge of the sorting of your mail into postal bags in function of their final destinations. Frequently, the router can also perform folding and envelope filling.


Router - A device which connects at least two computer networks and sends data from one to the other.


Royalty - A fee paid for the use of another person's property, for example a copyrighted work, a patent, a franchise, etc. A payment made to a writer, composer or singer when a book, CD or performance of their work is sold. A share of the profit paid to the owner of the land which an oil or mining company is leasing.


Royalty:It is a payment made to someone in return for some transference of privileges e.g. A writer of a book is periodically paid a royalty on an agreed amount for the transference of this right in the book to the publisher.


RSI - Repetitive Strain/Stress Injury. Damage caused to hands, arms and neck due to continual computer use, or by repetitive movements while performing a task.


RttT :Race to the Top.


Rubber Cheque - A cheque which bounces, due to insufficient funds in the account of the person who wrote the cheque for it to be cleared by the bank.


Rules of Origin - Rules used to determine in what country a good will be considered as actually made for tariff and other trade purposes.


Run Of Network - RON. Describes when an advertisement is placed on any page on one or more websites and the advertisers have no say where their advert is placed, usually because the advertising rates are cheaper.


Running Cost - The day to day running costs of a business, for example wages, rent, utilities, etc.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Return / Retour , Return On Investment,Revenue Stamp,Reverse Merger,Revolving Credit ,Rider ,Route 128 , Royalty ,Rubber Cheque etc . These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Requisition,Reservation Price,Reseller,Resource Allocation , Resume,Retail Price Index etc.



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