Terms used in business such as Bad debts,Balance of Trade,Balance of Trade,Balance Sheet,Bandwidth etc


Terms used in business such as Bad debts,Balance of Trade,Balance of Trade,Balance Sheet,Bandwidth etc.




This post explains about terms used in business such as Backlink Checking, Backup,Bad debts,Balance of Trade,Balance of Trade,Balance Sheet,Bandwidth,Bank card,Bank acceptance etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Back to Back Letter of Credit - An arrangement in which one irrevocable letter of credit serves as the collateral for another; the advising bank of the first letter of credit becomes the issuing bank of the second letter of credit.


Back with Music - In the entertainment business, films, TV, etc., dialogue which is spoken over music.


Back-End Load - A fee or commission paid by an individual when they sell their shares in an investment fund.


Terms used in  business such as Bad debts,Balance of Trade,Balance of Trade,Balance Sheet,Bandwidth etcBacklink Checking : a means of finding out which Web pages are linking to a specific Web site.


Backlog :The buildup of unfulfilled orders for a product, process, or production process that is behind schedule.


Back scratching - Informal term for reciprocity or returning favours, as in the term 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.


Back-to-back loan: an arrangement in which two companies in different countries borrow offsetting amounts in each other's currency and each repays it at a specified future date in its domestic currency. Such a loan, often between a company and its foreign subsidiary, eliminates the risk of loss from exchange rate fluctuations.


Backup: a period in which bond yields rise and prices fall, or a sudden reversal in a stock market trend.


Bad Debt Expense - The difference between what the customer was charged and what they paid. Any “short payment” that the company can’t collect goes here.


Bad Debt:Debts, which are due to traders (debtors) because of credit sale and will not be realized at all, are called bad debts. This is considered a loss of the business and therefore debited to the profit and loss account.


Bad debts - money owed to you that is unlikely to be paid to you in the foreseeable future.


Bad debts: Money owed to you that cannot be collected.


BAF-CAF / BAF-CAF :BAF and CAF are two kinds of adjustment that either increase or decrease the basic freight. BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) is a rectification that depends on fuel price trends. CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) is a rectification that depends on the exchange rate trends of the currency in which the tariff has been established.


Bailment: Bailment refers to the delivery of goods or property by one to another for some purpose and when the purpose is accomplished; the goods will be returned or disposed of according to the direction of the person delivering them.


Bait-and-Switch - In retail sales, when customers are lured by advertisements for a product at a low price, then find that the product is not available but a more expensive substitute is.


Balance of Payments - The International Monetary Fund’s accounting system that tracks the flow of goods, services, and capital in and out of each country.


Balance of Trade - The difference between a country’s total imports and exports over a set period.


Balance of Trade: It is the difference- in money value between exports and imports of a’ country. This balance is regarded as favorable when the value of exported goods exceeds that of imported goods. It is unfavorable when the value of exported goods exceeds that of imported goods. It is unfavorable when the value of imported goods is more than that of the exported goods.


Balance Sheet - A financial statement of an individual, company or organisation, which shows assets and liabilities (money owed) at a specific date.


Balance sheet: An itemized statement that lists the total assets and total liabilities of a given business to portray its net worth at a given moment in time.


Balance: The amount of money remaining in an account.


Balanced budget: a budget in which planned expenditure on goods and services and debt income can be met by current income from taxation and other central government receipts.


Balanced Economy - In national finances, it is when exports are equal to imports.


Balanced investment strategy: a strategy of investing in a variety of types of companies and financial instruments to reduce the risk of loss through poor performance of any one type.


Balloon - Describes a long term loan in which there is a large final payment when the loan matures.


Balloon payment - a final lump sum payment due on a loan agreement. Loans with a larger final 'balloon payment' have lower regular repayments over the term of the loan.


Ballpark: an informal term for a rough, estimated figure. The term was derived from the approximate assessment of the number of spectators that might be made on the basis of a glance around at a sporting event.


Baltic exchange (the) / Baltic exchange (the) :An international exchange for freight and shipping in London.


Bancassurance - The selling of both insurance and banking services, usually by a major bank.


Band - The spectrum of frequencies within two definite limits.


Bandwidth - In computing, the amount of information that can be transmitted through a communication channel over a given period of time, usually measured in 'bits per second' (bps).


Bangkok Agreement (BANGKOK) - A preferential trade agreement among developing countries of Asia and the Pacific. Members include; People's Republic of Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, The Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Bank acceptance (B)A / Acceptation bancaire :A bill of exchange that is accepted by a bank for a fee.


Bank card: a plastic card issued by a bank and accepted by merchants in payment for transactions. The most common types are credit cards and debit cards, although smart cards have been introduced. Bank cards are governed by an internationally recognized set of rules for the authorization of their use and the clearing and settlement of transactions.


Bank Draft:A bank draft is a form 01 cheque or a bill of exchanged drawn by one bank upon another directing to pay a certain sum of money. Any person can buy a draft from his bank payable at required places. This is a convenient means of remitting money.


Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - An international organization, which promotes international monetary and financial cooperation among nations by fostering the cooperation of world central banks.


Bank guarantee: a commitment made by a bank to a foreign buyer that the bank will pay an exporter for goods shipped if the buyer defaults.


Bank Loan - A loan made by a bank to an individual, company, etc., for a fixed term, to be repaid with interest.


Bank Rate:A bank rate is the official minimum rate at which the central Bank of country discounts approved bills of exchange or advances money to the scheduled banks.


Bank reconciliation - a cross-check that ensures the amounts recorded in the cashbook match the relevant bank statements.


Bank Run - Lots of sudden and heavy cash withdrawals at the same time from a bank or banks, because customers believe the banks may become insolvent.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Backlink Checking, Backup,Bad debts,Balance of Trade,Balance of Trade,Balance Sheet,Bandwidth,Bank card,Bank acceptance etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post .Terms used in business such as Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc Terms used in business such as Auteur,Autocratic ,Avant Garde,B2B,B2C ,Back Freight etc

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