Facility of online filing of applications


Facility of online filing of applications as per Export Import Policy 2015-20 (FTP 2015-20)


Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20All the Regional Authorities (RA) of DGFT and extension counters have been networked with high speed internet. The applications are received and processed electronically. DGFT under the EDI initiatives has provided the facility of on line filing of applications to obtain Importer Exporter Code and various authorizations /scrips. DGFT is one of the first digital signature enabled organization of the Government of India (GOI), which has introduced a higher level of Encrypted 2048 bit digital signature. There is a web interface for online filing of application after accessing DGFT website (http://dgft.gov.in). The application can be filed by exporter/CHA sitting at home or office in 24X7 environment. Application fee can also be paid online from linked banks. Efforts are being made to allow payment by debit/credit cards as well. The applications are signed with a digital signature and submitted electronically to the concerned Regional Authority of DGFT, which are then processed on computer by the Regional Authority and authorizations.


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