Annex III ECB–2, Reporting of actual transactions of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999



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Annex III
ECB - 2
Reporting of actual transactions of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (for all categories and any amount of loan) Return for the Month of .
1. This return should be filled in for all categories of ECB. It should be submitted within 7 working days from the close of the month through the designated Authorised Dealer to the Director, Department of Statistical Analysis and Computer Services (DESACS), Balance of Payments Statistics Division, Reserve Bank of India, C-8/9, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai-400 051. If there is no transaction during a particular period, a Nil return should be submitted.
2. Please do not leave any column blank. Furnish complete particulars against each item. Where any particular item is not applicable write “N.A.” against it.
3. All dates should be in format YYYY/MM/DD, such as 2004/01/21 for January 21, 2004.
4. Borrowers obtaining sub-loans through DFIs/Banks/NBFCs etc. should not complete this form as the concerned financial institution would directly submit ECB-2.
5. Before forwarding the return to Reserve Bank (DESACS), the Company Secretary / Chartered Accountant must scrutinise related original documents and ensure that the return is complete and in order as per ECB guidelines issued by Government/RBI.
6. The unique Loan Identification Number (LIN)/RBI Registration Number (in case of loan approved prior to February 01, 2004) must be specified as allotted by RBI. Similarly, the Loan Registration Number (since February 01, 2004) has to be specified.
7. If space is not sufficient for giving full information against any item, a separate sheet may be attached to the return and
serially numbered as Annex.
8. For Purpose of utilization of drawdowns, following codes may be used.
BOX 1: Purpose of Utilisation Code
No. Code Description No. Code Description
1 IC Import of capital goods 10 ME Modernisation /Expansion of
existing units
2 IN Import of non-capital goods 11 PW Power
3 RL Local sourcing of capital goods
(Rupee expenditure)
12 TL Telecommunication
4 RC Working capital
(Rupee expenditure)
13 RW Railways
5 SL On-lending or sub-lending 14 RD Roads
6 RP Repayment of earlier ECB 15 PT Ports
7 IP Interest payments 16 IP Industrial parks
8 HA Amount held abroad 17 UI Urban infrastructure
9 NP New project 18 OT Others (Pl. specify)
9. For source of funds for remittances, following codes are to be used.
BOX 2: Source of Funds for remittance
No. Code Description
1 A Remittance from India
2 B Account held abroad
3 C Exports proceeds held abroad
4 D Conversion of equity capital
5 E Others (Specify)
Page : 2
FOR RBI (DESACS) Use only Loan_key
CS-DRMS Team Received on Action Taken on Loan Classification
Part A: Loan Identification Particulars
Loan Registration Number (LRN)
Loan Amount Borrower Particulars
Currency Amount
As per Agreement
Name and address of the Borrower (Block Letters)
Contact Person's Name:
Phone No. :
Fax no. :
E-mail ID :
Part B: Actual Transaction Details
1. Draw-down during the month : Amount of loan committed but not yet drawn at the end of the month (in loan currency) Tranche No. Date (YYYY/MM/DD) (Please see note below) Currency Amount Currency Amount Note: 1. In the case of import of goods or services, date of import may be furnished against date of draw-down.
2.In the case of financial lease date of acquisition of the goods is to be mentioned as date of draw-down.
3. In the case of securitised instruments, date of issue may be shown as date of draw-down
2. Schedule of balance amount of loan to be drawn in future:
Tranche If more than one equal installment No Expected Date (YYYY/MM/DD) of drawdown Currency Amount Total number of drawals No. of drawals in a calendar year
3. Details of utilisation of draw-downs during the month:
Tranche No. Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Purpose codes (See BOX 1 ) Country Currency Amount Fresh Disbursement/ From A/c held abroad
4. Amount parked abroad outstanding as on beginning of the month _____: Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Name of bank and branch Account No. Currency Amount
Page : 3
5. Utilisation of amount parked abroad.
Date (YYYY/MM/DD) Name of bank and branch Account No. Currency Amount Purpose
6. Debt Servicing during the month - Tranche No. Purpose Date of Remittance Currency Amount Source of remittance (See Box 2) Prepayment of Principal (Y/N) *Principal Interest @ rate Others (Specify) * In case of prepayment please provide details: Automatic Route / Approval No. Date: Amount:
7. Derivative transactions (Interest rate, Currency swap) during the month (if any) - Type of Swap Swap Dealer Counter party Name Country Name Country Implementation Date Interest Rate swap Currency swap Others (specify) Tranche No. New Currency Interest Rate on the New Currency New Interest Rate on the Loan Currency Maturity Date of the swap deal
8. Revised Principal Repayment Schedule (if revised / entered into Interest rate swap) If more than one equal installments Date (YYYY/MM/DD) First repayment date) Currency Amount in Foreign Currency in each transactions Total Number of installments No. of payments in a calendar year Annuity Rate (if annuity payment)
9. Amount of outstanding loan at the end of the month :
Currency Amount:
(For RBI Use)
We hereby certify that the particulars given above are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. No material information has been withheld and / or misrepresented.
Place : ___________
Date : ___________
Stamp ___________________________________
(Signature of Authorised Official)
Name : ______________________________
Designation : _________________________
(For Borrower’s use)
Page : 4
Certificate from Company Secretary / Chartered Accountant We hereby certify that the ECB availed in terms of approval granted by Government or RBI or under approval route / automatic route is duly accounted in the books of accounts. Further, ECB proceeds have been utilised by the borrower for the purpose of ______________________________________________. We have verified all the related documents and records connected with the utilisation of ECB proceeds and found these to be in order and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and with the approval granted by GoI(MoF) or RBI or under approval route / automatic route and is in conformity with the ECB Guidelines issued by the Government.
Authorised Signatory
Name & Address
Place : Registration No.
Date : [Stamp]
Certificate by an Authorised Dealer We hereby certify that the information furnished above with regard to debt servicing, outstandings and repayment schedule is true and correct as per our record.
[Stamp] Signature of Authorised Dealer
Place : ______________ Name :________________________________________
Date : ______________ Designation : ________________________________________
Name & Address of
Authorised Dealer
Uniform Code No. ________________________________________


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Vikram: In case companies ECB return is pending for february, march, april, may and june 2019. What will the LSF be and how will the LSF be calculated.

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