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38 MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTSIn this article, the Harmonized System codes (Harmonized Tariff System- HTS)   for MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS are mentioned which help you in exporting and importing of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTSThese codes help exporters and importer all over world to know product classification code named differently in each country like Schedule B, ITC, HS, HTS, Tariff Code etc.

For example if you need to export or import  MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS from/to  any country, the  customs department  and other government and non government agencies  of respective country identify your product on the basis of harmonized system code. If you are importing or exporting MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, the 6 digit harmonized system code mentioned in this article is accepted all over world.  In other words, the export and import of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS are categorized productwise under the information mentioned here.  These harmonized system codes (HS codes) have been displayed in this web blog  in a systematic order to make you understand and identify easily.  I hope, the information in this article helps you for smooth import or export of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS

3801 artificial graphite, collodial graphite & prep etc

380110 artificial Graphite

380120 Colloidal or Semi-colloidal Graphite

380130 Carbonaceous Pastes for Electrodes, Similar Paste for Furnace Linings380190 Other Preparations Based On Graphite or Other Carbon


3802 activated carbon etc., animal black, inc spent

380210 Activated Carbon

380290 Activated Natural Mineral Products, Animal Black

3803 Tall Oil, whether Or Not Refined

380300 Tall Oil, whether Or Not Refined


3804 residual lyes from wood pulp mfr (except tall oil)

380400 Residual Lyes from the Manufacture of Wood Pulp


3805 turpentine etc, crude dipentene, pine oil etc

380510 Gum Wood or Sulphate Tur Pentine Oils

380520 Pine Oil

380590 Other Terpenic Oils, Crude Dipentene, Sulphite Turpentine, Para-cymene


3806 rosin & resin acids etc, rosin spirit etc, run gum

380610 Rosin and Resin Acids

380620 Salts of Rosin or of Resin Acids

380630 Ester Gums

380690 Other Derivatives of Rosin, Resin Acids, Rosin Spirit, Rosin Oil, Run Gums


3807 wood tar, vegetable pitch etc & similar preps

380700 Wood Tar, Wood Tar Oils, Wood Creosote, Wood Naphtha, Vegetable Pitch, Brewers' Pitch


3808 insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides etc, retail

380810 Insecticides

380820 Fungicides

380830 Herbicides, Anti-sprouting Products , Plant-growth Regulators

380840 Disinfectants

380890 Rodenticides, Other Similar Products


3809 finishing agents etc for textiles, paper etc nesoi

380910 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers, Mordants With a Basis of Amylaceous Substances

380991 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers, Mordants for Textile Industrial Uses

380992 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers, Mordants for Paper Industrial Uses

380993 Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers, Mordants of a Kind Used in the Leather or Like Industries

380999 Other Finishing Agents, Dye Carriers, Mordants, Dressings


3810 pickling preps for metal, soldering etc powder etc

381010 Pickling Preparations for Metal Surfaces, Soldering Powders and Pastes

381090 Fluxes for Soldering, Welding, Preparations Used as Coatings for Welding Electrodes


3811 antiknock preps & other additives for mineral oils (including gasoline) or for other liquids used for the same purposes as mineral oils

381111 Anti-knock Preparations Based On Lead Compounds

381119 Other Anti-knock Preparations

381121 Additives for Lubricating Oils (Containing Petroleum Oils or Bituminous Oils)

381129 Other Additives for Lubricating Oils

381190 Oxidation Inhibitors, Gum Inhibitors, Viscosity Improvers, Other Prepared Additives

3812 prepared rubber accelerators, compound plasticizers nesoi and antioxidizing preparations and other compound stabilizers for rubber or plastics


381210 Prepared Rubber Accelerators

381220 Compound Plasticisers for Rubber or Plastics

381230 Anti-oxidising Preparations and Other Compound Stabilisers for Rubber or Plastics


3813 prep & charges for fire-extinguishers etc

381300 Preparations for Fire-extinguishers, Charged Fire-extinguishing Grenades

3814 organic composite solvents & thinners, nesoi

381400 Organic Composite Solvents and Thinners, Prepared Paint, Varnish Remover


3815 reaction initiators & acceler & catalytic prep nesoi

381511 Supported Catalysts With Nickel or Nickel Compounds as ActiveSubstance

381512 Supported Catalysts With Precious Metal or Its Compounds as Active Substance

381519 Other Supported Catalysts

381590 Reaction Initiators, Reaction Accelerators, Catalytic Preparations


3816 refractory Cements, mortars, concretes, etc.nesoi

381600 Refractory Cements, Mortars, Concretes and Similar Compositions


3817 mixed alkylbenzenes & mixed alkylnaphthalene nesoi

381710 Mixed Alkylbenzenes

381720 Mixed Alkylnaphthalenes


3818 chem elem doped, used in electron, discs wafers et

381890 Floor Coverings, Wall or Ceiling Coverings, of Other Plastics


3819 hydraulic brake fluids/liq for hydraulic trans etc

381900 Hydraulic Brake Fluids, Other Prepared Liquids for Hydraulic Transmission


3820 antifreezing preparations & prepared deicing fluids

382000 Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids


3821 prepared culture media for devel of microorganisms

382100 Prepared Culture Media for Development of Micro-organisms


3822 composite diagnostic/lab reagents, except pharmaceutical preparations of heading 3002 or 3006

382200 Composite Diagnostic or Laboratory Reagents


3823 Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; acid oils from refining; industrial fatty alcohols

382311 Stearic acid

382312 Oleic acid

382313 Tall Oil Fatty Acids

382319 Other Industrial Monocarboxylic Fatty Acids, Acid Oils from Refining

382370 Industrial Fatty Alcohols


3824 binders made for foundry moulds or cores; chemical products and preparations, including residual products, of the chemical or allied industries, nesoi

382410 Prepared binders for foundry molds or cores

382430 Nonagglomerated metal carbides mixed together or with metallic binders

382440 Prepared additives for cements, mortars or concretes

382450 Nonrefractory mortars And concretes

382460 Sorbitol other than that of subheading 2905.44

382490 Others

In this post, I have mentioned HS codes   which help exporters and importers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS.  These HS codes helps exporters and importers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS to identify their product to use in customs department and other government and non government agencies to import or export of  MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS.  I hope the information in this post supports exporters and importers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS.   The buyers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS and sellers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in import export trade  may use the HS codes mentioned in this post.     The suppliers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS and buyers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in international trade may please be noted, an addition of two or four digits might be added  to these HS codes by government of respective country.   So the exporters or importers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS may follow such addition if any after verifying with rules and regulations of respective country.  I will be writing   about how to export MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS and how to import MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS shortly.   The buyers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS and sellers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS in export import trade may also  be noted, the classification of products  is named  differently in each country by adding two or four digits along with HS codes.  For examples, in US (United States), the classification is called ‘Schedule B’  where as in India  ‘ITC number (Indian Tariff Code number). Hope this article helps importers of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS and exporters of MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICAL PRODUCTS.  Comment below your thoughts.  Click here to know HS code of other product/commodity


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