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9601 worked ivory, bone etc & articles thereof

960110 Worked Ivory and Articles of Ivory

960190 Worked Other Animal Carving Material, and Articles of These Materials


9602 veg molded resin etc carving material, nesoi

960200 Worked Vegetable or Mineral Carving Materials; Moulded Articles


9603 brooms, brushes, mops, feather dusters etc

960310 Brooms and Brushes

960321 Tooth Brushes

960329 Shaving Brushes, Hair Brushes, Nail Brushes, Eyelash Brushes

960330 Artists ' Brushes, Writing Brushes & Similar Brushes of Cosmetic

960340 Paint, Distemper, Varnish or Similar Brushes; Paint Pads and Rollers

960350 Other Brushes Constituting Parts of Machines, Appliances or Vehicles

960390 Hand-operated Mechanical Floor Sweepers, Not Motorised, Mops


9604 hand sieves and hand riddles

960400 Hand Sieves and Hand Riddles


9605 travel sets for personal toilet,etc

960500 Travel Sets for Personal Toilet, Sewing or Shoe or Clothes Cleaning 

9606 buttons, press studs etc, button mold & blanks etc

960610 Press-fasteners, Snap-fasteners and Press-studs and Parts Therefor

960621 Buttons of Plastics, Not Covered With Textile Material

960622 Buttons of Base Metal , Not Covered With Textile Material

960629 Other Buttons

96 MISCELLANEOUS MANUFACTURED ARTICLES960630 Button Moulds and Other Parts of Buttons; Button


9607 slide fasteners and parts thereof

960711 Slide Fasteners , Fitted With Chain Scoops of Base Metal

960719 Other Slide Fasteners

960720 Parts of Slide Fasteners


9608 pens (ball point, soft tip etc), mech pencils etc, pt

960810 Ball Point Pens

960820 Felt Tipped and Other Porous-tipped Pens and Markers

960831 Indian Ink Drawing Pens

960839 Fountain Pens, Stylograph Pens and Other Pens

960840 Propelling or Sliding Pencils

960850 Sets of Articles from Two or More of Ball Point Pens & Other Pens

960860 Refills for Ball Point Pens, Comprising the Ball Point & Ink-reservoi

960891 Pen Nibs and Nip Points

960899 Pen-holders, Pencil-holders and Similar Holders; Parts


9609 pencils (lead encased), crayons, leads, chalks etc

960910 Pencils and Crayons, With Leads Encased in a Rigid Sheath

960920 Pencil Leads, Black Or Coloured

960990 Pastels, Drawing Charcoals and Chalks


9610 slates & boards,with writing or drawing surfaces

961000 Slates and Boards , With Writing or Drawing Surfaces


9611 date sealing or numbering stamps, etc for hand oper

961100 Date, Sealing or Numbering Stamps , and the Like, Hand-operated


9612 typewriter etc ribbons, inked or prep, ink pads

961210 Typewriter or Similar Ribbons

961220 Ink –Pads


9613 cigarette lighters & other lighters, parts nesoi

961310 Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Non-refillable

961320 Pocket Lighters, Gas Fuelled, Refillable

961330 Table Lighters

961380 Other Lighters

961390 Parts of Cigarette Lighters & Other Lighters, Other than Flints


9614 smoking pipes & bowls, cigar etc holders, & parts

961410 Roughly Shaped Blocks of Wood or Root, for the Manufacture of Pipes

961420 Smoking Pipes and Pipe Bowls

961490 Cigar or Cigarette Holders and Other Smoking Pipes, and Parts Thereof


9615 combs, hair-slides etc, hairpins, curling pins etc

961511 Combs, Hair-slides and the Like, of Hard Rubber or Plastics

961519 Other Hair-slides and the Like

961590 Hair-pins, Curling Pins, Curling Grips, Hair-curlers and the Like


9616 scent & similar sprayers etc, powder puffs & pads

961610 Scent Sprays and Similar Toilet Sprays, and Mounts and Heads Therefor

961620 Powder-puffs & Pads for the Application of Cosmetics or Toilet


9617 vacuum flasks & vessels w cases, pts ex glass inner

961700 Vacuum Flasks and Other Vacuum Vessels, Complete With Cases; Parts


9618 Tailors ' dummies & other mannequins for display

961800 Tailors ' Dummies and Other Lay Figures; Automata


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Kanwaljit Singh : How to Import Second hand Motor Cars from UK, Australia, Singapore etc? Please answer the following questions: 1. Is it legal to Import Second hand Motor Cars for sale in India after paying relevant Custom Duties? 2. What is the Custom Duty on it?

Md shakil: I have a client who wants advices about import & export proceedings and other matters too: A proprietor wants to import electronic goods from Singapure and export to Germany.But actually the goods are not coming to India. Only it is a paper work.Advices may be for these area and others as a whole. 1.RBI guidelines 2.Compliance related to Bank 3.And other documentations The experts may attach with me to deal the process in person with consultancy charges. The consultancy will be at Kolkata. So it is better to be from kolkata.

venugopal ac: how a technical grade organic pesticide can be classified? whether it will be included in HS code 29 as an organic chemical or in 38 as a miscellaneous chemical. 3808 is for insecticides, fungicides, herbicides etc. for retail sale. this product is not meant for retail sale but for making products meant for retail sale.please advice.thanking you in anticipation


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