Terms used in business such as Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs , Shadow ,Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper etc


The terms used in business such as Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs , Shadow ,Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Sensitivity Analysis, Sequestrate,Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs,Shadow ,Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Semi-trailer / Semi-remorque :Any non-motorised vehicle intended to be connected to a motorised vehicle such that a part of the trailer rests on the motorised vehicle and a substantial part of its weight and the weight of its load are taken by the said motorised vehicle. Most semi-trailers are specially adapted for combined transport.


Sensitivity Analysis - Looks at the effects of the performance of a system, project, etc., by changing the variables, such as costs, sales, production, etc.


Sequential Sampling - A sampling method in which an unfixed number of samples are tested and enough data is collected before a decision can be made.


Sequester - Keeping a jury in isolation, under close supervision and away from the public and media, during a trial.


The terms used in  business such as Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs , Shadow ,Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper  etcSequestrate - To legally confiscate someone's property until a debt has been paid.


Serial Bonds - Also called Instalment Bonds. Bonds which are issued on the same date but mature over a period of time, usually at regular intervals, so the issuer can spread the repayment to the investor.

Server - A computer which provides services, such as e-mail, file transfers, etc., to other computers connected to the network.


service business: A retail business that deals in activities for the benefit of others.


service charge: a gratuity usually paid in restaurants and hotels; a fee for any service provided, or additional fee for any enhancements to an existing service.


Service contract - directors and officers of a company are usually given service contracts that are different to an employment contract. This is because directors and officers are not always employees and the effect of employment law is different.


Service Economy - Part of a country's economy which provides services, such as banking, tourism, education, retail, etc., rather than manufacturing or production.


Service Level Agreement - SLA. A contract, which can be legally binding, between a service supplier and a user, in which the terms of service are specified.


Services - Sprint's products and services.


Serving Wire Center - The term "Serving Wire Center" denotes the physical location within a local exchange carrier's central office or other service provider's facility used to determine mileage sensitive rates. There is a serving wire center associated with each customer location and each Sprint location.


SET - Secure Electronic Transfer. A safe and confidential way of paying for goods which have been purchased over the Internet.


Set-Aside Scheme - Introduced in 1988 in the UK to reduce the overproduction of arable crops. Farmers are paid to keep land fallow rather than use it to grow produce.


Settlement Date - Term used to describe the date by which shares, bonds, etc., must be paid for by the buyer, or a sold asset must be delivered by the seller.


Settlement of Disputes - A declaration made by the United Nations (UN) stating that any water-based international disagreement must be settled in a peaceful and diplomatic manner.


settlement: the payment of a debt or charge.


setup costs: the costs associated with making a workstation or equipment available for use.


Sex Discrimination Act - In Britain, legislation passed by Parliament in 1975, mainly related to employment in the workplace, which makes it unlawful to discriminate against an individual because of their gender.

SFSF :State Fiscal Stabilization Funds.


Shadow - To be with someone in the workplace as they perform their job so that you can learn all about it.


Shadow Economy - Also called Black Economy. Business activities, including illegal activities, which are carried out without government approval or regulations.


Share - Any of the equal units into which a company's capital stock is divided and sold to investors.


Share Buyback - Also known as Stock Repurchase. A situation in which a listed company buys back its own shares from shareholders.


Share Capital - Funds raised by a company from shares sold to investors.


Share Incentive Plan - SIP. A way for employees to invest in the company for which they work. The company gives the employees shares or offers shares for them to buy, enabling the employees to receive some of the company's profit, i.e. in dividends.


Share Index - A list of certain companies share prices, which can be compared on a day to day basis, i.e. showing whether prices have risen or fallen.


Share Warrant:It is an instrument issued by a joint stock company to its share holders for fully, paid up shares. It entitles the bearer of the instrument to the shares specified therein.


share: One of the equal parts into which the ownership of a corporation is divided. A "share" represents part ownership in a corporation.


Shareholder - Also called Stockholder. An individual, business or group who legally owns one or more share in a company.


Shareware - Copyrighted computer software which is available for a free trial, after which a fee is usually charged if the user requires continued use and support.


Shark - A dishonest business person who cheats and swindles others.


Shark Repellent - Measures taken by a company, such as creating different voting rights concerning shares, or requiring certain shareholders to waive rights to capital gains resulting in a takeover, etc., in an attempt to keep a hostile bid from succeeding.


Shark Watcher - An individual or company who monitors the stock market for another company and warns them of a potential takeover, e.g., if a lot of their shares are being bought by one person or one company.


Shelf life / Durée de vie :The length of time that goods, especially food items, can be on sale and remain fit for use.


Shelf Talker - Also known as Shelf Screamer. A sign hung on the edge of a shelf in a shop to attract peoples attention to a product.


Sheriff's Sale - In the US, a forced sale of property ordered by a law court, the proceeds of which settle unpaid debts.


Shipper - Consignor, exporter, or seller (who may be the same or different parties) named in shipping documents as the party responsible for initiating a shipment, and who may also bear the freight cost.


Shoestring - A very tight, barely adequate budget.


Shop Floor - Workers, usually in a factory, as opposed to managers. The area in a factory where production of goods takes place.


Shop Steward - A member of a Trade Union, usually in a factory, who is elected to represent other members in meetings with management and personnel officers.


Shopping Bot - Also called Price Engine. Computer software which searches the Internet and compares prices from retailers for specific products.


Short Covering - The purchase of the same number of shares, bonds, etc. which have been sold short. (See Short Selling)


Short Selling - The sale of shares, etc., which are not owned by the seller but borrowed from a broker, on the understanding that they must be bought back, hopefully at a lower than what they were sold for in order to make a profit, and returned to the broker.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Sensitivity Analysis, Sequestrate,Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs,Shadow , Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post. Terms used in trade such Section 301,Security ,Security/Securities , Seedcorn,Self-Employed , Sell Limit Order,Seller's Market etc

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