Statement B

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Statement B
Consolidated statement of position of Exchange Houses’ accounts to be closed/ under closure (to be submitted by the Account maintaining office through the International Division)Sr. No.Name of the Exchange House Centre/Country Opening balance in the account Credits if any,during the month Debits if any,during the month Closing balance Any collateral Any other liability detected When the account is likely to be closed Remarks (i.e. brief resume of correspondence to effect closure of the account and item 
(a) Notice has been issued to all Exchange Houses regarding closure of the account.
(b) There are no pipeline debits or items of recovery in respect of the above accounts save for what is stated in the Column No. 9.
(c) The transactions in the accounts which are still operated are explained separately in the annexure under
title name of each Exchange House (An explanatory remark sheet may be attached for the purpose).
(d) The following accounts reflected above were closed during the month under review.
Chief Manager of Statement countersigned certifying that Account Maintaining all the accounts reported above are Branch under the concerned Exchange Houses have been duly suspended and closure of the accounts is being followed up.
General Manager-in-Charge of International Division/ International Operations in the AD Cat-I


The above information is a part of Import Export Training course online

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