Registration Process for Exports in India

Registration Formalities for Exports:

An exporter is required to register his organisation with a number of institutions and authorities, which directly or indirectly help him in the smooth conduct of export trade. Some of the authorities with which exporter has to register his organisation are:

(a) Registration of Organisation: Exporters have to register the types of organisation selected by them under the appropriate Act of the country for undertaking their export operations, viz.,:

A joint stock company under the Companies Act, 1956.

A partnership firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

A sole trader should seek permission from the local authorities, as required.


(b) Opening Bank Account: Exporters are required to open a current account in the name of their firms or companies with a commercial bank which is authorised by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to deal in foreign currency transactions. All financial transactions of the exporter organisation are routed through this account. Such bank also serves as a source of pre-shipment and post-shipment finance for the exporters.

(c) Obtaining Importer-Exporter Code Number (IEC No.): Prior to .1.199711i was obligatory for every exporter to obtain Exporter's Code Number (CNX) number from the RBI. However, since then, the CNX number has been replaced by Importer Exporter Code (IEC) number issued by the Direct General for Foreign Trade (DGFT). The application form for obtaining IEC number should be accompanied by fee of Rs. 1000.

(d) Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN): Export income is subject to a number of exemptions and deductions under different sections of the Income Tax Act. For claiming these exemptions and deductions, exporters are required to register their organisation with the Income Tax Authorities and obtain the Permanent Account Number (PAN). PAN is also necessary for obtaining IEC number.

(e) Registration with GST: Goods manufactured for export purpose as well as those purchased from local market for export purpose are completely exempted from Value Added Tax and Central Sales Tax, provided exporter or his firm is registered with the Value Added Tax authority of the state concerned and obtains exemption as per the procedure laid down in the concerned Acts. GST registration is required to be completed by every exporter with effect from appointed date fixed by government of India by 2017.

(f) Registration with Export Promotion Council (EPC): It is obligatory for every exporter to register with appropriate Export Promotion Council (EPC) and obtain the Registration-cum-Membership Certificate' (RCMC). At present, there are 21 EPCs dealing with various commodities. The benefits extended to exporters under the new Foreign Trade Policy 2009-2014 are extended only to the registered exporters having valid RCMC.

(g) Registration with Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC): Exporters are exposed to commercial as well as political risks in the international market. Therefore, in order to protect themselves against such risks it is necessary for exporters to get themselves registered with the ECGC. ECGC also helps exporters in obtaining financial assistance from commercial banks and other financial institutions.

(h) Registration with other Authorities: Exporters are also required to register with a number of other authorities and institutions such as:

Federation of Indian Export Organisation (FIFO),

Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO),

Chambers of Commerce (COC),

Productivity Councils, etc.


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