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Proof of receipt of GST refund application



6.0  It is recommended that the State Tax authorities shall deal with the SGST refund and Central Tax authorities shall deal with refund of CGST and IGST. The following procedure is proposed in this regard:


i) Applicant may be given the option of filing refund application either through the GSTN portal or through the respective State / Central Tax portal. Filing through GSTN portal may be beneficial for those applicants whose refund relates to CGST / IGST as well as SGST or the refund arises in different State Tax jurisdictions. Instead of filing applications with different tax authorities, the same may be filed with the GSTN portal which will forward it to the respective tax authority.


ii) On filing of the electronic application, a receipt/ acknowledgement number may be generated and communicated to the applicant via SMS and email for future reference. A provision may be made to display the application for refund in dealer's online dashboard when he logs into the system.


iii) The “carry forward input tax credit” in the return and the cash ledger should get reduced automatically, if the application is filed at GSTN portal itself. In case the application is filed at the tax department portal, suitable integration of that portal with GSTN portal should be established to reduce/block the amount before taking up the refund processing.


iv) It should be clearly mentioned / highlighted that generation of this number does not in any way affirm the legality, correctness or completeness of the refund application.



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RAJENDRAN.P: I have mistakenly submitted for online payment CESS a/c. ( Actual Payment SGST a/c) Further i am making another payment SGST a/c. So , any way for adujesment to IGST a/c or CGST a/c .Pls request for your kind details P.Rajendran Tirupur

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