No authorization, No bond, security or ATA carnet for exhibits and samples


Exhibits and Samples for Export Import


Exhibits Required for National and International Exhibitions or Fairs and Demonstration


No authorization, No bond, security or ATA carnet for exhibits and samplesAs per Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-20, Import / export of exhibits, which are freely importable/exportable, including construction and decorative materials required for the temporary stands of foreign / Indian exhibitors at exhibitions, fair or similar show or display for a period of six months on re-export / re-import basis, shall be allowed without an Authorization on submission of a bond/ security to Customs and ATA Carnet.


Extension beyond six months for re-export / re-import will be considered by Customs authorities on merits. Consumables such as paints, printed material, pamphlets, literature etc. pertaining to exhibits need not be re-exported/re-imported.


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