HS CODE Chapter 25 salt , SULPHUR, earth ; stone, lime cement 4 digits


HS CODE Chapter 25 salt , SULPHUR, earth & stone, lime & cement 4 digits


2501 salt incl table & dentrd, pure sodium chloride

2502 unroasted iron pyrites

25 How to import SALT,SULPHUR, EARTH STONE, LIMECEMENT2503 sulfur of all kinds nesoi

2504 natural graphite

2505 natural sands of all kinds, except metal-bearing

2506 quartz (other than natural sands), quartzite

2507 kaolin and other kaolinic clays, incl calcined

2508 clays nesoi, andalusite, kyanite etc, mullite etc

2509 chalk

2510 natural calcium (inc alum cal) phosp & phosp chalk

2511 natural barium sulfate, nat barium carbonate nesoi

2512 siliceous fossil meals & earths w spec grav of 1 or less

2513 pumice, emery, natural corundum and garnet etc

2514 slate, crude or roughly trimmed

2515 marble, travertine etc. and alabaster, crude etc.

2516 granite, porphyry, basalt etc., crude or cut etc.

2517 pebbles, gravel etc, macadam of slag, dross etc.

2518 dolomite, calcined or not, roughly trimmed etc.

2519 magnesite, fused magnesia, d-b magn, m oxide nesoi

2520 gypsum, anhydrite, plasters (cal gypsm or sulfate)

2521 limestone flux, lmstn & oth cal sto usd mfr lime, cement

2522 quicklime, slaked lime and hydraulic lime

2523 portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement etc

2524 asbestos

2525 mica, including splittings, mica waste

2526 natural steatite, roughly trimmed etc, talc

2527 natural cryolite, natural chiolite

2528 natural borates & conc, natural boric acid n/ov 85%

2529 feldspar, leucite, nepheline, & syenite, fluorspar

2530 mineral substances nesoi


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