GR waiver form for goods under REPAIR AND RETURN

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GR waiver form for goods under REPAIR AND RETURN


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What is GR waiver: what is GR waiver certificate & why it is required.?

RAKESH OZA: Dear Sir, some imported material return back after two years, in this case GR WAVER from bank is required ? value approx USD 15000/- Regd

Rahul Mehrotra: Hi, Pl. confirm the validity of GR Waiver Thanks Rahul

R.Revathi : Why we should obtain the GR Waiver & what is the full form of GR

SHYAM VARMA: Why we should obtain the GR Waiver & what is the full form of GR? In what cases it is used?

Ashok Arora: Dear Sir/Madam, We had received some products under FOC for testing purpose on returnable basis amounting to INR 50,000.00 approx. and paid the Customs duty at the time of clearance and no foreign exchange transaction were taken place, now the same goods are to be send back, please advise whether the GR Waiver is also required in this case when the goods will not be re-imported as this products belongs to the supplier. The GR waiver is exclusively required for goods imported and re-exported then re-imported. We shall be grateful, if you kindly guide us in this matter. With best Regds. Ashok Arora +91-9818427161

KARTHIK M V: A foreign expat who has a salary account with our bank, has completed his project in India and leaving back to his own country. He has bought a bullet bike for his use in India, which he would like to carry with him to his country. For this he needs a GR waiver letter from us (his banker). Please clarify if a GR waiver letter is applicable for this case.

gajanan late: Hi Sir, please let me know the if our re-export invoice value is less than 5000$ then is require GR Waiver.

M. SRIKANTH: What do you mean by G R Waiver? What does G R stands for For what purpose this G R is required.


kumar Nijampurkar: GR waiver mostly require in transaction of re import or re export shipments, to avoid to pay duty ( because we already paid the same in first transaction. Regards Kumar

prakash ghuge: what is the validity of GR waiver

KASHIF : I have a new problem regarding GR release, please help me in this regard. Q. if our buyer did not pay us against export and we also get drawback on that how we can get GR release from bank or no need GR.can I stuck in any trouble in future, if do nothing?

nain singh: Dear sir/mam, my query is re-export shipment against bank Guarantee, please confirm this case Gr waiver is require or not. please confirm me.

surinder singh sathor: we want return the defective goods imported from china. whether gr waiver is required from ad or not. please tell us the exact procedure.

Manoj Kumar: We want to export the testing machine to nepal on returnable basis. what is the procedure.

venu: Hi sir, We have imported some material in the month of Aug '19,which is excess qty and worth of this qty is Rs.21 lakhs. We are doing communications with vendor to return this excess qty, exp to clear in 1 or 2 months. After this we will apply for GR waiver Please confirm whether we can return this material even after 6 months through GR wavier or any time limit to return back.

Akbar: now i sending our machine parts for service to return from italy how do the proceed

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