Fight against superstitious beliefs - Protect wild life.


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Short cut money cuts life short – 4

This is my 4th article which is one of the series of articles under ‘Fraud stopper’.

Fight against superstitious beliefs - Protect wild life copy I hope this article can enlighten the readers about the importance of protecting wild life animals who maintain eco balance of earth.

Every year, hundreds of confiscations of wildlife animals are taken place by customs authorities of each country worldwide. Wildlife animals maintain ecological balance of nature and maintain food chain in turn nature cycles.

Why wildlife animals are smuggled all over the world?


When we analyze the root cause behind smuggling of wildlife animals, we can find numerous superstitious believes. Most of smuggled wild life animals are used to protect superstitious beliefs other than luxury, especially for prosperity related blind beliefs.


Fraudulent people always think of short cut money, in turn cutting their life short by spending their rest of life behind bars or losing their whole wealth. This fraudulent group cheats public by exploiting weakness of others who had fallen in to superstitious belief.


How to protect wildlife animals from smuggling?

As per my opinion, spreading awareness among society against superstitious belief about wild life animals is only a final solution to root off smuggling activities. Proper action by customs authorities of each country can save wildlife from smuggling from one country to another.

 Malaysian officials have seized yet another 46 pangolins from a wildlife smuggler. Image Courtesy to

Vacis exam introduced by US customs CBP to detect contraband goods can be used for identifying wildlife animals without opening packages.

By violating ethic business practices, a few fraudulent business traders focus on smuggling activities for ‘short cut money’, but ending with ‘cutting their life short’ by losing all their earnings, social life and mental peace.

Do you agree with my thought on – how to save wild life animals from smuggling and protect eco system?

Write about superstitious belief on wild life animals at your region and prove such belief is blind.



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