Export of samples for Exhibits,Gifts and Spares


Export of gifts spares and Replacement Goods



For export of gifts, indigenous / imported warranty spares and replacement goods in excess of ceiling / period prescribed for exports of Gifts; export of Spares and export of replacement goods in FTP, an application may be made to DGFT in ANF 2Q.


The extract of details under ANF 2Q is given below for your reference:




1.IEC Number

2.Applicant’s Name and Address

3.Description of item


ITC(HS) Code

Quantity in MT

FOB Value in INR

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4.Destination of export (please specify the name of the recipient and destination)

5.Purpose of export

6.Details of RCMC, if any

7.Any other relevant information




2. I / We hereby certify that:

(ix) I/We hereby declare that the particulars and the statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my / our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or held there from.

(x) I/We fully understand that any information furnished in the application if found incorrect or false will render me / us liable for any penal action or other consequences as may be prescribed in law or otherwise warranted.

(xi) I/We undertake to abide by the provisions of the FT (D & R) Act, 1992, as amended, the Rules and Orders framed there under, FTP, HBP, Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms and ITC (HS).

(xii) I/We hereby certify that:

A. The entity for whom the application has been made has not been penalized under any of the following Acts (as amended from time to time):

a. The Customs Act, 1962,

b. The Central Excise Act 1944,

c. Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act 1992, as amended, and

d. The Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999;

e. The Conservation of Foreign Exchange, Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act, 1974

f. Weapons of Mass Destruction & their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Act, 2005

B. none of the Directors / Partners / Proprietor / Karta / Trustees of the company /firm /HUF/Trust, (as the case may be), is/are a Director(s) / Partner(s) / Proprietor / Karta / Trustee in any other Company/ firm / entity which is on the Denied Entity List (DEL) of DGFT or is in the caution list of RBI;

C. neither the Registered Office of the company / Head Office of the firm / nor any of its Branch Office(s)/ Unit(s)/ Division(s) has been declared a defaulter and has otherwise been made ineligible for undertaking import / export under any of the provisions of the Policy;

D. we have neither obtained nor applied for issuance of an Importer Exporter Code Number in the name of our Registered / Head Office to any other Licensing Authority.

(xiii) I / We hereby declare that I / We have neither obtained nor applied for such benefits (including issuance of an Importer Exporter Code Number) in the name of our Registered / Head Office or any of our Branch(s) / Unit(s) / Division(s) to any other Regional Authority.

(xiv) we have complied with the conditions of all previous licences / authorisations issued to us for export of SCOMET items and wherever required have duly intimated the o/o DGFT, New Delhi along with documentary evidence regarding receipt of the items of export by the end-user within the stipulated time.

(xv) I / We undertake to abide by the provisions of the FT (D & R) Act, 1992, as amended, the Rules and Orders framed there under, FTP, HBP and ITC (HS) and submit all requisite documents to the o/o DGFT (SCOMET Section), failing which I/We shall be liable to action under FT (D & R) Act, 1992 as amended or rules and orders made there under, and the Customs Act, 1962.

(xvi) I hereby certify that I am authorised to verify and sign this declaration as per Paragraph 9.6 of the Policy.

Signature of the Applicant Name Designation Official Address Flat/Plot/Block No.

Street/Area/Locality City State PIN Code Telephone Country Code Area Code Tel.No. Place: Date:


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