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The following are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business. These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of antonyms in shipping trade, abbreviations used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering. Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article. If you would like to add up more abbreviations to this article which is commonly used in your region, you may write at bottom of this article. Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is meant for import and export.



S & H/exct           Sundays and Holidays excepted in lay days

S&OP--Sales and Operations Planning

S&P--Standard & Poors

S&U--Sales and use (tax)

S. (sgd)   Signed

S.C.Q.    Special Commodity Quotation

S.D.B.L.    Sight Draft and Bill of Lading included

S.E.         Subject to Enquiry

S.F.A.   Shipping and Forwarding Agent

S.G. ( Specific Gravity

S.H.E.X.                     Sundays and Holidays Excepted

S.H.I.N.C.             Sundays and Holidays Included

S.P.        Safe Port

S.P.A   Specified Particular Average

S.P.R.--Statements of Procedural Rules

S.S.H.E.X.             Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Excepted

S.S.I.N.C.             Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays Included

S.T.C.     Said to Contain

S.THR.   Side Thruster

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S/a         "Safe arrival or subject to approval,SocieteAnonyme(limited company France)

S/B       Shipping Bill

S/D---Shipping Date ; Sea Damaged

S/I      Sum Insured

S/N        Shipping Note

S/O---Shipping Order

S/R ---Shipping Request

S/R B/L    Signing and Releasing Bill(s) of Lading

S/S    Steamship

S/T---Short Ton

SAARC  South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation

SAAR--Seasonally adjusted annualized rate

SAAS    Software-as-a-Service

SACPs - Special Agricultural Credit Plans

SAC--Special agent in charge

SACU     Southern African Customs Union

SAD - Single Administrative Document

SADC     South African Development Community

SAE        Stamped Addressed Envelope

SAFE      State Administration of Foreign Exchange (of China)

SAG--Separate affiliated group

SAI         Special Assistance Initiative

SAIC       State Administration for Industry

SAL         Structural adjustment loan facility (of the World Bank).

SALY--Same as last year

SAM       Social Accounting Matrix

SAMIS - Service Area Monitoring and Information

SAM--Shared appreciation mortgage

SAMS--Systemic Advocacy Management System

sanr       Subject to approval no risk

SAP - State Agricultural Plan

SAP        Structural Adjustment Program

SAPs      Structural Adjustment Programs.

SAPTA      South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

Sar          Limited company (Italy)

SAR        Special Administrative Region

SARFT   State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

SARSEP--Salary reduction simplified employee pension plan

SAR--Stock appreciation right

SAR--Summary annual report

SAR--Suspicious Activity Report

SAS Statistical Analysis System

SA--Seasonally adjusted

SAS--Statement on Auditing Standards

SATC      State Administration of Taxation of China

SATESC--Servicewide Abusive Transaction Executive Steering Committee

SB/SE--Small Business/Self-Employed Division

SATI       State Administration of Textile Industry

SATSHEX              SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays Excepted

SATSHINC            SATurdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded

SB           Safe Berth

 SB           Short Bill, payable on demand or sight

SBA--Small Business Administration

SBC--Summary of benefits and coverage

SBDC--Small Business Development Centers

SBI - State Bank of India

SBIR--Small Business Innovation and Research (program)

SBJPA--Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996

SBLC      StandBy Letter of Credit

SBLC--Small Business Legislative Council

SBLF--Small Business Lending Fund

SBLI--Savings bank life insurance

SBM - Specified Bovine Material(s)

SBM       Soya Bean Meal

SBO - Specified Bovine Offal

SBO--Small business owner

SBRB--Small Business Research Board

SBS         Safe Berth

SBT         Segregated Ballast Tanks

SBWOTA--Small Business and Work Opportunity Tax Act of 2007 (P.L. 110-28)

SC - Scheduled Caste

SCA     Sea Cargo Automation SGS Society General de Surveillance

SCA--Service Center Advice

SCB - Scheduled Commercial Bank

SCB    State Cooperative Bank

SCBA    Social Cost Benefit Analysis

SCBM--Simplified cost based method

SCCB--Service Center Collection Branch

SCIN--Self-canceling installment note

SCM    Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (WTO)



SCM     Supply Chain Management

SCM--Services cost method

SCORE--Service Corps of Retired Executives

SCP        Simplified Clearance Procedure

SCP--Self-correction program

SCR       Specific Commodity Rate

SCRIPS--Service Center Recognition/Image Processing System

SCs - Securitisation Companies

SCS      Size Class Strata

SD (or SID)          Single Decker

SD           Sight Draft, Short Delivery

SDA        State Drug Administration

SDA--Self-directed brokerage account

SDA--Special depreciation allowance

SDBL      Sight Draft with attached Bill of Lading

 SDBL      Sight Draft, with Bill of Lading attached

SDB--Small disadvantaged business

SDCF--Seller's discretionary cash flow

SDDS - Special Data Dissemination Standards

SDLIA--Split-dollar life insurance arrangement

SDLs - State Development Loans

SDPC     State Development Planning Commission

SDR - Special Drawing Rights

SD--Standard deviation

SDT     Special and Differential Treatment

SDVOB--     Service-disabled veteran owned business

SEA        Single European Act

SEBI - Securities and Exchange Board of India

SEBs     State Electricity Boards

SEC     Securities and Exchange Commission


SECA--Self-Employment Contributions Act

SEC--Securities and Exchange Commission

SEED      Support for East European Democracy

SEERAD - Scottish Executive: Environment and Rural Affairs Department

SEE--Special enrollment exam

SEHID--Self-employed health insurance deduction

SEK         SwedishKroner

SELA      Latin American Economic System

SELFDISCH           SelfDischarger

SEM       Single European Market

SEM--Search engine marketing

SEM--Shared-equity mortgage

SEO--Search engine optimization

SEPA--Single Euro Payments Area

SEP--Simplified employee pension

SERP--Supplemental executive retirement plan

SERP--Systemwide Electronic Research Program

SESA--State Employment Security Agency


SET         The Stock Exchange of Thailand.

SETC      State Economic and Trade Commission

SEVP--Student exchange visitors program

SEZ      Special Economic Zone

SF           Stowage Factor.

SF           Superficial Feet

SFC     State Financial Corporation

SFCs - State Finance Corporations

SFH--Single family home

SFMS - Structured Financial Messaging System

SFR         Swiss Franc

SFR--Substitute for return

SF---Square Feet, Super Foot

SG&A    Sales, General, and Administrative expenses

SGL - Subsidiary General Ledger

SGLI--Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance

SGS - Société Générale  de Surveillance SA

SGS        Pre-Shipment Inspection Company Based in Switzerland

SHEX      Sundays, Holidays EXcepted

SHEX      Sundays/Holidays Excluded

SHGs - Self-Help Groups

SHINC   Sundays, Holidays Included

SHMS -Ship Handling/ Marine Simulator

SHPRES---Shipping Response

SI - Statutory Instrument

SICB       State Industrial and Commercial Bureau

SIC--Standard industrial classification

SID         Single Deck

SIDA      Swedish International Development Agency.

SIDBI - Small Industries Development Bank of India

SIDC     State Industrial Development corporation

SIDO    Small Industries Development Organisation

SIFI - Systemically Important Financial

SIFL--Standard Industry Fare Level

SIFMA--Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association

SIFR--Stolen identity refund fraud

SII           Shanghai Information Investment

SILIC      Severely indebted low-income country

SILMIC  Severely indebted low-middle-income country

SILO--Sale-In, Lease-Out

SIM -Simulator

SIMIC    Severely indebted middle-income country

SIOP     Sales Inventory and Operations Plan

SIPC--Securities Investor Protection Corporation

SIPO      State Intellectual Property Office (of China)

SIPS - Systemically Important Payment System

SIP--Single identifiable property

SIR    Stores Issuance Requisition

SIRF--Stolen identity refund fraud

SISI    Small Industries Service Institute

SI-SPA Systems Improvement Scheme

SITC     Standard International Trade Classification

SITP - Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks

SITPRO   Simplification of International Trade Procedures Board

SITW--State income tax withholding (sometimes SIT)

SIV    Structured investment vehicle

SIVs - Structured Investment Vehicles

SJ--Sales journal

SJSRY     Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar

SKD---Semi Knock-Down

SKU--Stock keeping unit

SLA(IC) - Sundry Liabilities Account (Interest

SLAC     Shipper’s Load And Count

SLAF - Second Liquidity Adjustment Facility

SLA--Share lending agreement

SLB - Securities Lending and Borrowing

SLBC - State Level Bankers’ Committee

SLCO      Saudi Light Crude Oil

SLE--Single lease expense

SLI     Shipper’s Letter of Instruction

SLIAC--Streamlined Installment Agreement Calculator

SLOB--Separate line of business

SLPTA    SLop TAnks

SLR - Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SMA--Separately managed account

SMA--Simple moving average

SMB--Small- to medium-sized business(es)

SME       Small and Medium-sized Enterprise

SMEC--Specified minimum employer contribution

SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprises

SME--Small- to medium-sized entities

SMG     Standing Monitoring Group

SMI--Supplemental medical insurance

SMLLC--Single member limited liability company

SMO - Special Market Operations

SMP--Special multiperil policy

 SMSA--Standard metropolitan statistical area

SMT       Surface-Mounted Technology

SMTP    Sub-manifest Transit Permit

SN         Satellite Navigation - A form of position finding using radio transmissions from satellites with sophisticated on-board automatic equipment

SNA     System of National Accounts

SNCB     SocieteNationaledeCheminsdeFerBelgique(Belgian Railways)

SNCF     SocieteNationaledeCheminsdeFer(French Railways)

SND--Statutory notice of deficiency

SNF--Skilled nursing facility

SNT--Supplemental needs trust

SO          Seller's option

SOA--Service-oriented architecture

SOB        Shipped On Board

SOB--Son of BOSS

SOC        Shipper Owned Container

SOD      Shipped On Deck

SOE        State-Owned Enterprise

SOEC     Statistical Office European Community

SOF        Statement of Facts

SOHO--Small office/home office

SOIR--Schaeffer Open Interest Ratio

SOI--Statistics of Income

SOL--Statute of limitations

SOM II  Second Senior Officials' Meeting

SOM      Swedish Official Measure

SO--Settlement officer

SOX     Sarbanes-Oxley


SP           Safe Port

SPAC--Special-purpose acquisition company

SPA--Significant participation activity (see also immediately below)

SPB        St. PetersBurg

SPC        Supreme People's Court (of Mainland China)

SPD--Summary plan description

SPEC--Office of Stakeholder, Partnerships, Education and Communication

SPE--Special purpose entity

SPF--Special procedures function

SPMCIL - Security Printing and Minting

SPOC--Single point of contact

SPPA--Significant passive participation activity

spr          Sunprotectinrequired

SPRGF   Self-Sustained PRGF/

SPR--Securities position report

SPS Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (WTO)

SPV - Special Purpose Vehicle

SR - Statutory Regulate

SR & CCC---Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotions Clause

SR           Short run.

SR&CC  Strike Risk & Civil Commotion

SREP - Supervisory Review and Evaluation

SRF         Supplemental Reserve Facility

SRLY--Separate return limitation year

SRM       Specified Risk Material

SRM--Supplier relationship management

SRO--Self-regulatory organization

SRPM--Stated redemption price at maturity

SRWTO    Small road & Water Transport

SS and C               Same Sea and Country coast

SS           Steamship

SSARS--Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services

SSA--Shared services arrangement

SSA--Social Security Administration

SSBCI--State Small Business Credit Initiative

SSBC---Sinking, Standing, Burning and Collision

SSBIC--Specialized small business investment company

SSC       Staff Selection Commission

SSCM--Simplified service cost method

SSD        Supplementary Statistical Declaration

SSDERA--Social Security Domestic Employment Act of 1994

SSDI--Social Security disability insurance

SSD--Social Security disability

SSD--Solid-state drive

SSG      Special Safeguard (WTO)

SSHEX   Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays EXcepted

SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays INCluded

SSI     Small-Scale Industries


SSI--Supplemental security income

SSN        Standard Shipping Note

SSN--Social Security number

SSNVS--Social Security Number Verification System

SSOP--Second surgical opinion program

SSR--Settlement Status Report

SSS - Securities Settlement System

SS--Safety stock

SSSBEs    Small Scale Service & Business

SS--Surviving spouse

SSTP--Streamlined Sales Tax Project

SST--Streamline Sales and Use Tax Agreement


SSUTA--Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement

SSVS--Standards for Valuation Services

ST - Scheduled Tribe

St Sales (during time period t)

ST   Schedule Tribe

ST  Special Treatment (WTO)

ST           Short Tons

STARBOARD       Right side of a ship when facing the front or forward end.

Stat.--Statutes at Large

STC     Said To Contain

STCG--Short-term capital gain

STCP--Student Tax Clinic Program

STCRC - Short-Term Co-operative Rural Credit

STD--Short-term disability

STE        State Trading Enterprises

STEM     Subject To Enough Merchandise

STERN   The aformost or after part of a ship

stet        no change

STJ--Special Trial Judge


STO     Specific Trade Obligation

STOLI--Stranger-originated or stranger-owner life insurance

STOs - State Treasury Offices

STP     Software Technology Park

STPCT -Specialized Training Programme- Chemical Tankers

STPLGT -Specialized Training Programme-Liquified Gas Tankers

STPOT -Specialized Training Programme-Oil Tankers

STR - Suspicious Transaction Report

STRIPS - Separate Trading for Registered Interest

ST--Short term

STTR--Small Business Technology Transfer (program)

SUB        Subject (to). Depending upon as a condition

SUB--Supplemental unemployment benefit

SUTA--State unemployment tax act

SVB    Special Valuation Branch

SVC - Standing Veterinary Committee

SV--Salvage value

SWAD   Salt Water Arrival Draft

SWA--State Workforce Agencies

SWDD   Salt Water Departure Draft

SWG     Second Working Group on Money

SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

SWIFTAIR            dedicated courier service operated by the Post Office (Royal Mail)

SWL       Safe Working Load

SWOT--Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

SWT--State witholding tax


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The above are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business. These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of abbreviations in shipping trade, expansions used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering. Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article. If you would like to add up more abbreviations commonly used in your region, you may write such enlargements below. Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is dealt with international trade.


The above information is a part of Import Export Training course online

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