Tips for Merchant Exporters

Some Important points to become successful in merchant export business.

Merchant Exporter means a person involved in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods.They do not have their Manufacturing or Processing facility and source the product from others and exports. 


Some tips for potential merchant exporters:

  • Study about the product you intend to export that includes features of the products, its technical specification, variety of the product and uses of the product.
  • Should make a sound relationship with the higher management of the manufacturer.
  • Quality is the most important aspect in the international trade. So always beware about the quality of goods exporting.
  • Always keep backups i.e don’t rely on a single supplier. Collect information about similar suppliers to maintain the consistency of the business and reduce the dependency.
  • Should be updated about international prices of the products and changes in demand and supply.
  • The purchase order should be prepared on the basis of the order received from the overseas.
  • Work out exact flow chart and maintain an efficient supply chain system so that timely delivery is possible.


Arun kmar .k: i like to exports in agro product

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