Define a Merchant Exporter.


Who is a Merchant Exporter?

Merchant Exporter means a person involved in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods .They do not have their Manufacturing or Processing facility and source the product from others and exports. Merchant Exporter can export the excisable goods either directly from the premises of the manufacturer, with or without sealing of the export consignments, or through his pemises under claim for rebate or under bond.




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Safeguard duty and Anti-dumping duty after GST implementation

Section 1 of UTGST Act 2017       

Section 172 of CGST Act, 2017 Removal of difficulties

Section 170 Rounding off of tax, CGST Act, 2017

Sec 168 of CGST Act, 2017 Power to issue instructions or directions          

Section 163 of CGST Act, 2017 Levy of fee            

Publication of information in respect of persons in certain cases, Section 159 of CGST Act, 2017 

Section 156 Persons deemed to be public servants, CGST Act, 2017         

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Who is liable to deduct TDS under GST Law

When TDS is not required under GST

Tax Collection at Source (TCS) under GST

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ABHISHEK SHARMA : what is the documents formalities for making export.

subodh narayan: want to export from india to nizeria . what types of material i can export

arun: I want to start as a merchant export 1) I want to start export on organic chemicals i want to know that which types of chemicals use in active pharmaceutical ingredients drugs used I want full list an hsn code, 2) To start export which license or certificate required or restricted chemicals license required domestic and international markets ,3) I trade in some countries like Africa, Europe, asian country,saudi arabia, United States of America would i take there country license to export or registered there please give some clarification,4 In chemicals we should be show third party ( manufacturers name ) to the importer(buyer)

oprasad: I am 81 years old retired officer from PARLIAMENT OF INDIA. A few years after retirement, I started my small export unit as merchant exporters. I did very well till a few years back when China made entry in the products I was exporting. Recession in USA and Europe also hit my exports. I had not sent any shipment since GST introduced. I did only bulk exports. Minimum export value being USD 1000 (FOB) I shall be grateful if you may kindly make it convenient to let me know what help and consultancy could I seek from you. All.Biz people have been approaching me to obtain their membership. They say that they have their offices in 35 countries and will generate business in those countries for us. I do not know to what extent they are trust worthy because when I requested them to send some sample leads (of course with contact details hidden), they did not agree to it. Do you provide addresses (including e-mail ids) of genuine buyers? If so, what are terms and conditions for this service.

akshith: i want to ask that in merchant export, when we buy a pump from the manufacturer, do the merchant exporter has to get the phytosanitary certification, inspection certificate or the manufacturer will get his product certified with these certifications.

swathi: , i have been in this trade for 5yrs as a senior merchant in export and buying house in Delhi NCR. Now i am planning to start my own business inthis trade only , so can u please advice me how to proceed in this field. I shall be very thank full to you . Looking forward to hear from you asap

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