Terms used in business such as Signature Loan,Slogan,Sleeper,Sleeping Partner, Small Business Administration etc


The terms used in business such as Signature Loan,Slogan,Sleeper,Sleeping Partner, Small Business Administration etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Shovelware,Shoulder Season, Showrooming,Sight Unseen,Signature Loan,Slogan,Sleeper,Sleeping Partner,Small Business Administration etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Short-change - Give too little change in a cash transaction, and metaphorically meaning to treat someone unfairly or dishonestly, deprive someone of something, or cheat, usually from a position of control or dominance.


short-term notes: Loans that come due in one year or less.


Short-term Realisation of Receivables from Overseas / MCNE :Short-term Realisation of Receivables from Overseas is a short-term financing technique for exporters who grant their foreign buyers a certain term of payment. The realisation of the invoice is possible up to 100% of its value.


Shoulder Season - In the travel industry, the time between high and low season.

The terms used in  business such as Signature Loan,Slogan,Sleeper,Sleeping Partner, Small Business Administration etc

Shovelware - A derogatory term for content which is put directly on to a web page, e.g. from a magazine, etc., without changing its appearance to make it suitable for the Internet. Also refers to pre-installed programs on some computers, which have little value to the user.


Showrooming - emerging in the popular media in 2012 the term 'showrooming' refers to the 21st century practice of shoppers visiting retail stores to inspect/handle/assess products, especially electronic/technology equipment and gadgets, which the shoppers (quite intentionally as part of a buying method) subsequently purchase online, thereby achieving a lower price than offered by the retail store. Increasingly shoppers are able to use smartphones to scan or otherwise check/confirm/record precise product types/codes, etc. On a wide scale, in certain product sectors, the practice undermines the retail store business model, through stock wear/damage, wasted staff time, etc., although product susceptibility varies greatly. Some products, e.g., standardized mass-market goods, are hugely prone, whereas others, e.g., high quality musical instruments and jewellery, hardly at all.The behaviour is extremely common and part of a significantly and globally changing retailing economic system. Showrooming is a factor driving retail exclusivity deals, and notably 'dark store' strategy and development, in which collection warehouses are replacing conventional retail outlets.


Sic - Latin for 'thus; in such a manner', used when quoting a passage to show that the original spelling or grammar, typically incorrect, has been retained.


SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Code):A four-digit number assigned to identify a business based on the type of business or trade involved. The first two digits correspond to major groups such as construction and manufacturing, while the last two digits correspond to subgroups such as constructing homes versus constructing highways. A business can determine its SIC number by looking it up in a directory published by the Department of Commerce, or by checking in the SIC book in the reference section of a local library. SBA size standards are based on SIC codes.


Sick Building Syndrome - SBS. Ailments, such as headaches, fatigue, nose and throat irritations, etc., experienced by workers or residents in certain buildings, often believed to be caused by poor ventilation, air conditioning, heating, cleaning chemicals, or the materials from which the building has been made.


Sickout - A type of organised strike in which the employees refuse to work by staying away from the workplace and claiming they are ill.


SIG - Special Interest Group. On the Internet, a place where people can discuss and exchange information about a particular subject. A group or organisation whose aim is to influence political decisions by trying to persuade government officials to act or vote in the group's interest.


Sight Unseen - To buy something which has not been available for inspection before the purchase.


Signature Loan - Also called Unsecured Loan or Character Loan. A loan which is not backed by any security, and which only requires the borrowers signature.


Silicon Alley - An area in Manhattan, New York, which is known for its Internet and multi-media companies.


Silicon Valley - An area south of San Francisco, California, which is noted for its computer and high-technology industries.


Silver Bullet - A simple extremely effective solution to a very challenging and serious problem. A metaphor alluding to the mythical method of killing a werewolf or similar monster. See also Magic Bullet, which basically means the same.


Silver Surfer - An older person who uses the Internet.


SIM Card - From the full meaning, Subscriber Identification/Identity Module. A small removable card which stores personal information on a mobile phone or other small personal computerized device. There are other less serious interpretations of the SIM acronym.


Simple Interest - Interest which is calculated on the original amount of money deposited or borrowed, and not on any interest which may have accrued.


SIMPLE INTEREST:Interest paid only on the principal of a loan.


Simplified Network Application Process Redesign (SNAP-R) - The Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Securities online system which allows users to submit export license applications and commodity classification requests.


Sin Tax - A tax on certain goods or services which are considered bad for people, such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc.


Sinecure - A job or position which involves little or no work, but for a which a person is paid.


Single market / Marché unique :The free trade association between members of the European Union, to allow money, goods, services and people to move freely within the Union.


Single Source Solutions Maximum Noncomplete Toll Free Call Percentage - Denotes for each month, for each service type, the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of (i) the aggregate number of Single Source Solutions Noncomplete Toll Free Calls during such period divided by (ii) the aggregate number of toll free calls during such period. This percentage will be calculated at each CTIS Product Hierarchy Level.


Single Source Solutions Minimum Port Usage - The term "Single Source Solutions Minimum Port Usage" denotes the minimum average Single Source Solutions Net Usage required for Sprint Wholesale Dedicated Outbound and Sprint Wholesale Outbound Extension services that Reseller must generate per Single Source Solutions Active Ultra WATS Port.


Single Source Solutions Net Usage - The term "Single Source Solutions Net Usage" denotes the monthly amount invoiced for use of a Single Source Solutions service net of Single Source Solutions Discount One, Single Source Solutions Discount Two and Single Source Solutions Discount Three discounts. Single Source Solutions Net Usage includes the following as they apply to particular Single Source Solutions services: monthly per-minute usage charges; route advance charges; real time ANI charges; switched origination and termination charges; directory assistance charges; Single Source Solutions Noncomplete Call Surcharges, FONCARD surcharges; and Single Source Solutions LEC Cap Surcharges.


Single Source Solutions Noncomplete Toll Free Call - The term "Single Source Solutions Noncomplete Toll Free Call" denotes an attempted Sprint Wholesale Switched Connect Toll Free or Sprint Wholesale Dedicated Toll Free call that is not completed to the called number for any reason.


Single Source Solutions Service - The term "Single Source Solutions Service" denotes the Sprint services sold to Resellers and billed under CTIS.


Single-entry bookkeeping - a bookkeeping method used within a cash accounting system and records one side of each transaction.


Single-Entry Bookkeeping - A simple system of recording a company's finances in which transactions are recorded only once in one account.


Sinking Fund - Money set aside on a regular basis by a company, that is used for paying debts, taxes, etc., which are due at a later date.


Sinking Fund:It denotes a fund, which is created by setting aside certain amounts every year out of profits to meet a specific loss or debt at the end of a given date.


Six Sigma - A business strategy, originally developed by Motorola, which strives for perfection in production and quality. See Six Sigma.


Six Thinking Hats - Group dynamics and decision-making concept devised by Dr Edward De Bono, from the book so named, based on De Bono's theory of how people look at things/situations from different perspectives.


SKU - Stock Keeping Unit. A unique number which identifies the price, size, manufacturer, etc., which is assigned to a product by a retail store.


Skunkworks - A production development program in a company which has the freedom to work outside the usual rules, without the restrictions of company procedures and policies.


Sky Advertisement:It is an advertisement, which is made by means of an airplane, when a specially designed and attractive airplane moves in the sky in carefully planned directions and angles, it emotes special type of gas: This gas forms a complete world or sentence as the airplane moves in the prescribed directions. This attracts a large number of people of all ages.


Sleeper - Something, such as a film, book, share, etc., in which there is little interest but suddenly becomes a success.


Sleeping Partner - Also called Silent Partner. A person who has invested capital in a company but does not take an active part in managing or running it.


Slogan - A catch-phrase used in advertising which is easy to remember so it is associated with a product or company when people hear or see it.


Slush Fund - Also called Slush Money. Funds which are raised and set aside for dishonest or illegal purposes, e.g., for bribing government officials.


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs):This is an Australian or New Zealand business employing less than 200 employees.


Small and Medium-sized enterprise (SME) / Petite et moyenne entreprise (PME) :The European definition is a maximum of 500 employees, a turnover not exceeding 40 million euros, and with less than 25% holding by one or more non SME enterprises - with the exception of investment or venture capital companies. Usually these SME identification tests do not apply to research organisations or consultants.


Small Business Administration (SBA) - An independent agency of the U.S. federal government that aids, counsels, assists, and protects the interests of small business concerns to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of the nation.


Small Business Development Center (SBDC) - An U.S. organization set up to assist small business owners by providing management and technical resources to help start and run their businesses.


The above details describes about terms called in business such Shovelware,Shoulder Season, Showrooming,Sight Unseen,Signature Loan,Slogan,Sleeper,Sleeping Partner,Small Business Administration etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Service contract,Settlement Date,setup costs , Shadow ,Shareholder,Shark Watcher,Shipper etc

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