Terms used in business such as Modem, Mojo, Moderator, Monetary Base ,Monetary Policy,Monopoly ,Mortgage etc.


The terms used in business such as Modem, Mojo, Moderator, Monetary Base ,Monetary Policy,Monopoly ,Mortgage etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Modem, Mojo, Moderator, Monetary Base ,Monetary Policy,Monopoly ,Mortgage,Mothball,Motherboard etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Mob - A crowd of people - usually unruly and agitated. Mob is actually a shortened version of the full Latin phrase, mobile vulgus, meaning excitable crowd. The term was abbreviated in English first as 'mobile', in the 1600s. In more recent times the meaning of mob has become much wider - notably slang for gangsters (hence 'mobsters'), and in modern times to expressions such as 'flash mob', whose full technical meaning (aside from its earliest underworld meaning) is a secretly planned, surprising and quickly-formed excitable crowd.


Modem - From MOdulate and DEModulate. An electronic device which is used to connect computer systems using a telephone line for transmitting data.


Moderator - An arbitrator or mediator. Someone who presides over a debate. On the Internet - a person who presides over a website forum to make sure that rules and guidelines are adhered to.


Mogul - Also called a tycoon. A very rich, powerful business person.


The terms used in  business such as Modem, Mojo, Moderator, Monetary Base ,Monetary Policy,Monopoly ,Mortgage etcMojo - Magical or special power, referring to a charismatic person, or a product with unusually seductive qualities. Such people can be said to have their 'mojo working', an expression popularised by blues singer Muddy Waters in his 1957 hit song 'Got My Mojo Working'.


Mom-and-Pop/Mom-and-Pop Shop - Chiefly and originally an American term for a small shop or business (e.g., Mom-and-Pop Business) that traditionally was and frequently nowadays still is run by a married couple, who are often the main staff too. These small businesses are characterized typically as being small in economic terms, and usually old-fashioned, slow to adapt, resistant to change and new technology, ideas, etc., with little or no ambition to grow. As such, marketing executives, managers and sales people of much larger organizations tend to regard 'mum-and-pop' businesses with a degree of disdain. While plentiful in numbers across many sectors and therefore overall accounting for potentially big market shares, mom-and-pop businesses are extremely difficult to profile, assess, and target in sales and marketing, which combined with a reputation for stubbornness (based often on mom and pop having very good knowledge and experience of their own industries), makes them very challenging for suppliers to reach, engage in dialogue, and to convert to new products and services. Small order values and high maintenance expectations commonly associated with mom-and-pop businesses add to the difficulties faced by corporations attempting to sell and serve them. Many mom-and-pop shops/businesses might in more modern times also be described as 'lifestyle businesses', where the owners quite intentionally maintain a small simple and easily manageable scale of operation, so as to fit with a happier work-life balance. Some suggest this adds to the (arguably envy-driven) resentment which can be felt and displayed by large corporations and staff trying to market to mom-and-pop shops.


Mondeo Man - A derogatory term used to describe the average British man, who is depicted as boring, living in a semi-detached house in Kent with a wife and two children. Also used to describe travelling salesmen, a large number of who drive Mondeo cars.


Monetary Base - Also known as Narrow Money in the UK. The total amount of a country's currency which is in circulation, for example, coins, notes, etc. - held by individuals and in bank deposits.


Monetary Policy:It is what a central bank does to influence the course of an economy through decisions on money supply and interest rate.


Money (bill) paid (written) before the goods have been sent off.


Money At Call - A loan or debt which must be paid upon demand.


money laundering: the process of making money obtained illegally appear legitimate by passing it through banks or businesses.


money market : a country's financial center, where foreigncurrency and domestic and foreign bills are bought and sold.


Money Spinner - A product or project that generates a lot of earnings.


Money Supply - The total amount of currency in circulation and peso deposits subject to check of the monetary system.


Money:Anything that passes freely from hand to hand as a medium of exchange and is generally received in the final discharge of debt is known as money.


Monopoly - A situation in which one company or organisation has complete control of all, or nearly all, of the market for a particular type of product or service.


Monopoly - Exclusive control or possession by one group of the means of producing or selling goods or services.


monopoly : a market in which there is only one supplier.


Monopoly:Monopoly means the sole power of dealing in any commodity. It signifies and exclusive right secured by one or more persons to carry on some business.


Monthly Recurring Charge or Recurring Monthly Charge - The charge payable each month by the subscriber to the Carrier for services provided on a continuous basis to the subscriber.


MOOC - Acronym for 'Massive Open Online Course' - conceivably the future of most higher/further education globally - see MOOC on the acronyms page.


Moore's Law - Founder of Intel Gordon Moore's theory that the power of computing has the potential to double every two years (often quoted as every 18 months).


Moral Hazard - The situation in businesses and organisations when people are protected, e.g. by insurance cover, so they are more likely to take risks.


Moratorium:This is an emergency act of allowing an extension of time by the government of a country to repay loans. Under exceptional circumstances, the government takes this step, which deprives all creditors of the right of realizing their debts for the time being, this is specially done in the case of a government bank, which during an emergency suspends payment.


More Flexible Exchange Rate System - The International Monetary Fund’s name for a floating exchange rate system.


Mortgage - A loan acquired from a bank, building society, etc., with which to buy property or land, usually to be paid back with interest over a specified number of years at regular monthly intervals. To borrow money from a bank, etc., using your property as collateral, giving the lender the right to own your property if the loan is not repaid.


Mortgage: Literally mort means dead and gage means a pledge. Any security for a debt, which is lost or becomes dead in case the money or the interest due there on is not paid on a certain day is called mortgage. A mortgage thus is conveyance of property by a borrower in favor of a lender as security for the repayment of money, borrowed together with interest.


Most economically advantageous tender (MEAT):The tender regarded as the best according to the criteria laid down for the contract in question (e.g. quality, technical properties, functional qualities, after-sales service and technical assistance, delivery date or performance period and the price). These criteria should be included in the approach to market documentation.


Most Favored Nation (MFN) - A status granted to one country by another; the granting country then accords the recipient's imports and exports the most favorable treatment that it accords any country.


Mothball - In business, to stop using a piece of equipment or building, etc., for a period of time, but keep it in good condition for when work can resume.


Motherboard - Also known as the Logic Board. The main circuit board of a computer which has all the components to make everything in the computer work together, such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, DVD drive, etc.


Motivational Research - A type of market research used to investigate the reasons why people buy specific products or brands.


Mountweazel - A fictitious entry in a reference source or listing, traditionally an act of mischief, but also used to catch copyright cheats or those who obtain and use a database without a licence or a fee. Logically mountweazel entries are removed from legitimate authorized versions. Mountweazel is supposedly named after a false entry Lillian Virginia Mountweazel in the 1975 New Columbia Encyclopedia. Also called a nihilartikel, from the Latin nihil meaning nothing, and the German word artikel. A fictitious 'trap street' is the equivalent used to combat map copyright theft. (NB This is entry is not a mountweazel, probably..)


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Modem, Mojo, Moderator, Monetary Base ,Monetary Policy,Monopoly ,Mortgage,Mothball,Motherboard etc These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.terms used in trade such as Minimum Wage,Minute Book,Mirror Site,Mixed Economy, Mnemonic,Mixed Tariff etc

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