Terms used in business such Escape Clause ,Esoteric/Esoterica,E-Tailer,Ethnic Monitoring ,Ethos , Euro etc


Terms used in business such Escape Clause ,Esoteric/Esoterica,E-Tailer,Ethnic Monitoring ,Ethos , Euro etc.




This post explains about terms used in business such as Equal Pay Act,Equilibrium Price,Equity,Escape Clause ,Esoteric/Esoterica,E-Tailer,Ethnic Monitoring ,Ethos , Euro etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business



E-Procurement - Electronic procurement. Businesses using the internet to purchase from, or sell goods and services to, other businesses.


equal opportunities: the granting of equal rights. privileges, and status regardless of gender, age, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. Equality in employment is regulated by law in most Western countries.


Equal Pay Act - In Britain, a government Act of 1970 which gives women the right to earn the same money and to receive the same benefits as men for performing the same job.


Equilibrium Price - The price at which the demand of a particular product or service is equal to the quantity supplied.


equipment: Physical property of a more or less permanent nature ordi­narily useful in carrying on operations, other than land, buildings or improvements to either of them. Examples are machinery, tools, tracks, cars, ships, furniture and furnishings.

equity: A financial investment in a business. An equity investment carries with it a share of ownership of the business, a stake in the profits and a say in how it is managed. Equity is calculated by subtracting the liabilities of the business from the assets of the business.


Equity - the value of ownership interest in the business, calculated by deducting liabilities from assets. See also owner's equity.


Terms used in  business such Escape Clause ,EsotericEsoterica,E-Tailer,Ethnic Monitoring ,Ethos , Euro etcEquity Accounting - When a company records, in its financial records, profits which can be claimed from an affiliated company which they part own.


equity capital: Money furnished by owners of the business.


Equity finance - is money provided to a business in exchange for part ownership of the business. This can be money invested by the business owners, friends, family, or investors like business angels and venture capitalists.


EQUITY FINANCING:This involves "selling" a portion of your company to an outside investor. You have no obligation to repay the funds. In general, venture capital firms provide this type of funding.


Equity:  The investment in the business by the owner(s)


Equity-linked Eurobonds - A Eurobond with a convertibility option or warrant attached.


ERaCA :Expenditure Reimbursement and Cash Application. The web based system used to reimburse entities that are not LEAs or charter schools for expenditures incurred against federal grants.


ergonomics: the study of workplace design and the physical and psychological impact it has on workers. Ergonomics is about the fit between people, their work activities, equipment, work systems, and environment to ensure that workplaces are safe, comfortable, efficient, and that productivity is not compromised.


ESBC / SEBC :European System of Central Banks comprises the ECB and the 15 national central banks of each Member State. Its role is to enforce the decisions of the ECB in each State.


ESC / CEN :The European Standards Committee is a European body responsible for setting European standards. The ESC enables companies to bring their products in line with European standards (EC trademark). It is composed of 160 European organisations.


Escape clause / Clause résolutoire :A condition in a contract that frees the parties from carrying out the terms of the contract in some specified circumstances.


Escape Clause - A condition in a contract which allows the contract to be broken in particular circumstances.


ESCROW:Temporary monetary deposit with an independent third party by agreement between two parties. The escrow money is released when certain agreed conditions have been met.


ESOP:(Employee Stock Ownership Plan). A plan where employees have a vested interest (stock ownership) in the company


Esoteric/Esoterica - These words (adjective/noun) refer to language, communications or concepts which are understood only by people of expertise or good knowledge of the subject concerned. Advertising and other communications intended for the general public should not be esoteric, although much of this sort of language is highly esoteric, for example instruction manuals for technical products, and most corporate terms and conditions - usually because these materials are written by specialists who are unable to translate complex terminology into everyday recognizable language. Professional communicators such as advertisers, trainers, leaders, writers of manuals and instructions, etc., should aim instead to be exoteric, which refers to communications which are inclusive, and simple to understand by everyone. This relates strongly to the concept of accessibility. The words are respectively from Greek esotero, within, and exotero, outer. The less commonly used noun forms of the words are esoterica and exoterica, i.e., materials that are respectively inaccessible and accessible.


ETA / Horaire d'arrivée prévu :Etimated time of arrival.


E-Tailer - An retailer who uses the internet to sell goods and/or services to the public.


ETD / Horaire de départ prévu :Estimated time of departure.


Ethernet - Technology, invented by The Xerox Corporation, which connects computers in a local area network (LAN).


Ethics Committee - In medicine, an independent body which is appointed to examine and consider the rights and safety of people taking part in clinical trials.


Ethnic Monitoring - Recording and evaluating the racial origins of employees in a company to ensure that all races are represented fairly.


Ethnocentrism - The belief that one ethnic group or culture is inherently more superior.


Ethos - The integrity of the communicator.


Euphemism - the replacement of a strong/offensive word or phrase with an alternative word or phrase considered to be milder/inoffensive. Euphemisms are used widely and very wrongly by politicians and business people attempting to avoid responsibility and personal acknowledgment of mistakes, bad decisions and unjustifiable actions, etc. Euphemisms in such situations are part of 'spin', or spinning a story.


EUR2 - EUR1 / EUR2 - EUR1 :€ documents are movement certificates, which are the equivalent of certificates of origin used in preferential trading between the EU and associate countries. € 2, used for postal shipment only, is not stamped by the customs house, unlike € 1.


EURIBOR / EURIBOR :Euro Interbank Offered Rate is the rate at which euro interbank offers money within the euro zone are offered by one prime bank to another prime bank. It has replaced the national indices of the European Union States.


Euro - The single currency of the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) was introduced in January 1999 and became the official currency of EMU member countries on January 1, 2002. EMU members are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.


Eurobond - A bond that is denominated in a currency other than that of the country of issue.


Eurocurrencies - Deposits and loans denominated in one currency and traded in a market outside the borders of the country issuing that currency (e.g., Eurodollars).


Eurocurrency Market - A money market for currencies held in the form of deposits in countries other than that where the currency is issued.


Eurodollars - Dollar-denominated deposits held in a country other than the United States.


Euroland - Also known as the Eurozone. All the countries in the EU (European Union) that use the Euro as currency.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Equal Pay Act,Equilibrium Price,Equity,Escape Clause ,Esoteric/Esoterica,E-Tailer,Ethnic Monitoring ,Ethos , Euro etc These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Emotional Capital,Emotional Intelligence , Employee,Employment Equity,End Marker etc



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