Term TDS credit, TDS certificate under GST

TDS credit, TDS certificate under GST


The details about TDS credit, TDS certificate under GST are explained here. 

TDS Credit:

The amounts deducted by the deductor get reflected in the GSTR-2 of the supplier (deductee). The supplier can take this amount as credit in his electronic cash register and use the same for payment of tax or any other liability.

TDS Certificate:

A TDS certificate is required to be issued by deductor (the person who is deducting tax) in Form GSTR-7A to the deductee (the supplier from whose payment TDS is deducted), within 5 days of crediting the amount to the Government, failing which the deductor would be liable to pay a late fee of Rs. 100/- per day from the expiry of the 5th day till the certificate is issued. This late fee would not be more than Rs. 5000/-. For the purpose of deduction of tax specified above, the value of supply shall be taken as the amount excluding the Central tax, State tax, Union territory tax, Integrated tax and cess indicated in the invoice

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