HSN code for used car, handicrafts,capital goods, fans, curtains, chitons products etc etc

HSN code CHAPTER – 99


Items of Specific Description


The information provided below about HSN codes are used for GST purpose to classify goods. You may reconfirm with GST authorities whether your product HSN code is classified correctly below. The HSN codes under 02 digits, 04 digits, 06 digits and 08 digits explains and classifies broadly for each section of goods.



Code Description of goods


HSN code 9901 00 00 All intangible goods like copy right, patent, REP licences

HSN code 9902 00 00 Bio-mass briquettes

HSN code 9903 00 00 Capital goods

HSN code 9904 00 00 Goods taken under customs bond for re-export after

manufacturing or otherwise

HSN code 9905 00 00 Handicrafts

HSN code 9906 00 00 Indigenous musical instruments

HSN code 9907 00 00 Items covered by PDS

HSN code 9908 00 00 Khari garments/ goods & made-ups to be notified by States

HSN code 9909 00 00 Embroidery or Zaria articles, that is to say, - imp, Zaria, kebab, Salma,

Danka, chunky, goat sitar, nashi, kora, glass bead, bald, glaze

HSN code 9910 00 00 Renewable energy devices

HSN code 9911 00 00 Solvent oils other than organic solvent oil

HSN code 9912 00 00 Used Cars

HSN code 9913 00 00 Works contracts, which are in the nature of printing works will

carry the same tax rate of 4% as for printed materials

HSN code 9914 00 00 Goods of local importance

HSN code 9914 00 11 Chiton Products

HSN code 9914 00 12 Rachis

HSN code 9914 00 13 Sacred thread, commonly known as yagnapobit

HSN code 9914 00 14 Kato Atta

HSN code 9914 00 15 Kites

HSN code 9914 00 16 Tahiti

HSN code 9914 00 17 Sate

HSN code 9914 00 18 Beehive

HSN code 9914 00 19 Gam osha

HSN code 9914 00 20 Bukhari

HSN code 9914 00 21 Lois

HSN code 9914 00 22 Patti

HSN code 9914 00 23 Gabber

HSN code 9914 00 24 Kangxi

HSN code 9914 00 25 Quandakari

HSN code 9914 00 26 Atukulu

HSN code 9914 00 27 Saibai grass and rope

HSN code 9914 00 28 Sarala, Badeshi, barrio, date leaves, baskets, tatters, fans, curt tens,

mattings & other goods made thereof handmade soma & germ,

handmade braai of leather, utensils & decorative articles made

only of bamboo and fibrous plants like samba / shisha.

HSN code 9914 00 29 Mat sticks & reed obtainable from Cyprus Corymb sus known locally

as goal meth, madder Kathy, math or Cyprus Malaccensis known

locally as chimatipatti.

HSN code 9914 00 30 Pota, Murmur and lay.

HSN code 9914 00 31 Panchamritam, namakatti, vibhuti.

HSN code 9914 00 32 Makala Cheddar

HSN code 9914 00 33 Sinhala

HSN code 9914 00 34 Willow Vickers



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