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SION is a short form of Standard Input Output Norms. It is also known as IO Norms. Standard Input Output Norms or SION in short is standard norms which characterize the measure of input or inputs sources required to make unit of output for export purpose. Input output norms are pertinent for the items, for example, electronics, engineering, chemical, food items  including fish and marine items, Handicrafts, plastic and leather items and so on. SION is notified by DGFT in the Handbook, and is affirmed by its Boards of Directors. An application for change of existing Standard Input-Output standards might be recorded by producer exporter and dealer exporter. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) now and again issue warnings for obsession or expansion of SION for various fare items. Obsession of Standard Input Output Norms encourages issues of Advance License to the exporters of the things with no requirement for referring  the same to the Headquarter office of DGFT on rehash premise.


Primary requirements of Standard Input Output Norms

For obsession or adjustment of Standard Input Output Norms (SION) following subtleties are required:

Specialized details of the export item according to the subtleties given in Appendix 33.

Contracted Engineer endorsement guaranteeing the import necessities of crude materials in the configuration given in Appendix 32B.

Production and consumption information of the maker/supporting producer of the first three authorizing a very long time as given in sequential no 3 of sub segment XII, properly affirmed by the Chartered bookkeeper/Cost and Works Accountant/Jurisdictional Excise Authority.


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prakash: we have received money against aur export invoice at saudi , but invoice value is USD and money received in INR then how to closed e-BRC ..please advise ?

sandeep: I work in a 2 star export house and my question is with regard to products that we import under HS code 28492090 (silicon carbide) which is then further worked upon and exported under HS code 6902, 6903, 3816 as refractory silicon carbide plates and other products. I have recently joined and found that company pay the custom duty and goes for a concessional certificate. I have been informed that advance authorisation (that they call as advance license) is restricted to materials under SION, and hence we need to pay the duty, is it correct? I went through your webpage and found that any product imported can avail 100 percent duty exemption provided value addition done as per SION. Now I am confused, please help.. We only get concessional certificate as of now and do not avail 100 percent duty exemption.

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