Term All Industry Rate (AIR) under GST

All Industry Rate (AIR) under GST


This post explains about All Industry Rate (AIR) under GST.

Lower AIR (Customs portion)

For a transition period of three months i.e. 1.7.2017 to 30.9.2017, composite rates of All Industry Rate (AIR) drawback are available to exporters.

  • These composite rates are subject to certain conditions during transition period that ensure that input credit /refund under GST and drawback of composite rates are not taken together for the export product.
  • Exporter has to produce certificate from jurisdictional GST officer to avail composite rate. This requirement is applicable to supplies for export made on or after 1.7.2017, as all exporters are required to operate under GST from that date.
  • The requirement of certificate is not a new requirement. All registered persons who were exporting under bond or on claim for rebate were producing such certificate prior to 1.7.2017 also.
  • In case export goods have been cleared from the factory or warehouse etc. prior to 1.7.2017 but let export order has not been given till 30.6.2017, certificate from GST officer is not required. For such goods, only a declaration from exporter or certificate from the then Central Excise officer as applicable is required.
  • In case exporter is unable to produce requisite certificate for claiming composite AIR at the time of export, then exporter should have the Shipping bill amended to claim lower AIR (Customs portion) at time of export. The exporter can claim balance amount of drawback as supplementary claim when he produces certificate.

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