Paying freight at port of loading or final destination?




This post is for beginners in logistics, freight forwarding companies or Customs brokers who are involved in international transportation by air deputed in an air freight department.

Paying freight at port of loading or final destination 

Confirm with shipper, if airfreight is prepaid or collect basis.  If ‘freight collect’ basis, there are some restrictions with IATA/Airlines to quote, as some of the categories of cargo may not be carried on ‘Freight Collect’ basis.  For example, perishable cargo like vegetables, fruits, flowers etc. are restricted to accept by airlines on ‘freight collect’ basis. Continue reading below:



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Airfreight varies from one Airport to another Airport of loading

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Paying air freight at port of loading or final destination?

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Importance of Labelling and marking in export freight

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Check validity of quote before executing business order

Why to make documentation on quotation?



The above post is about guidelines on quoting airfreight for export. If you would like to add more guidelines and tips on how to quote airfreight for export, share below your thoughts:


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