Read here before deciding airport of loading

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This post is for beginners in logistics, freight forwarding companies or Customs brokers who are involved in international transportation by air deputed in an air freight department.


Tips on deciding airport of loading:  Have a good idea about airport of loading from where your customer requires airfreight.  Some airlines may offer best competitive airfreight from the said particular airport where your customer requires rates.  This offer may not be a permanent offer, but can be tried with airlines whether any such offer is available.


Read here before deciding airport of loadingThere is another interesting fact involved in deciding loading airport. 

Let me explain with an example.  Suppose, the export product is available at Mandya, near Mysore Airport, Karnataka. India.  The shipper wants to export to NY, New York, US.  The exporter obviously asks airfreight from Mysore, Karnataka, India which is the nearest airport to the ship.    Comparatively, Mysore airport is small with few flight operations.   The distance from Mandya to Mysore Airport is about 40 km.  However, if the said export goods can be moved from Mandya to Bangalore Airport far about 160 km, the airfreight from Bangalore to NY would be far cheaper than Mysore Airport. The transit time also can be minimized as frequency of flights operating from Bangalore to NY are very high compared to Mysore Airport.  (The airport examples given here is for just understanding purpose only).


So a logistic provider can advise his customer if better opportunity to ship, if he can save money and time, in turn support a good business relationship between all. 

I hope, the above example of smart logic thinking works out for exporters, logistic providers and those who does costing in supply chain management all over world.  Continue reading below:


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The above post is about guidelines on quoting airfreight for export. If you would like to add more guidelines and tips on how to quote airfreight for export, share below your thoughts:


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