LEG -Application for remittance of legacies, bequests or inheritances to beneficiaries resident outside India

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[See Regulation 6]
Application for remittance of legacies, bequests or
inheritances to beneficiaries resident outside India
1. The application should be completed and submitted through an authorised dealer
through whom the remittance is sought to be made to the office of Reserve Bank under
whose jurisdiction the applicant resides.
2. Certified copy of the probate together with a copy of the Will annexed thereto, or letters
of administration or succession certificate, as the case may be, in respect of the Indian
assets of the deceased person.
3. Tax Clearance/No Objection Certificate from the Income-Tax authorities to show that no
liabilities are outstanding in respect of the estate of the deceased person on account of
Income-tax, Wealth-tax, Capital Gains tax, etc.
4. A statement of Indian assets of the deceased person, indicating the form in which they
are held. The number and date of Reserve Bank's approval for holding or acquiring
shares of Indian companies and immovable property should be indicated, wherever
5. A certificate from a Chartered Accountant showing how the remittable amount has been
arrived at and that all liabilities of the estate in India have been met or adequately
provided for.
1. Particulars of the deceased person : 1.
(i) Name (i)
(ii) Nationality (ii)
(iii) Country of permanent residence at the
time of death
(iv) Date and place of demise (iv)
(v) Whether the deceased was residing in
India at any time during his life time;
if so, state period
2. Particulars of the beneficiary/ies : 2.
(i) Name/s (i)
(ii) Nationality/ies (ii)
(iii) Country/ies of permanent residence (iii)
3. Whether the deceased person had made any
investments in India, if so, details as under :
(i) Investments made on non-repatriation
(ii) Investments made with repatriation
4. Amount of remittance applied for 4.
I/We hereby declare that the particulars given above and the documents submitted
herewith are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and belief. I/We also declare that
I/We have not made any application to any other office of the Reserve Bank of India for the
same purpose.
Place : ............................. ........................................
Date : .............................
(Signature/s of Applicant)



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