Import duty exemption and IGST exemption on printed materials under Notfn 130/2010 dt 23.12.2010



IGST exemption on import o Airway bills, printed ticket stocks, publicity materials etc.

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Customs notification no. 130/2010-Customs, dated 23.12.2010 provides exemption to printed ticket stocks, airway bills, any printed material which bears the insignia of the importing airline printed thereon including baggage tags, publicity material for distribution free of charge when imported into India by a designated airline.


130/2010-Customs, dated 23.12.2010 extends IGST exemption also as per the decision taken by GST council on 3rd June, 2017.   So, Customs notification number 130/2010-Customs, dated 23.12.2010 is  valid when introduction of GST in India by July, 2017 for exemption of IGST on imports.


The detailed extract of Customs Notification number 130/2010-Customs, dated 23.12.2010 is explained here.  Click here to read Customs Notification number 130/2010 dated 23.12.2010.  Customs notification no. 130/2010-Customs, dated 23.12.2010



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