Import duty and IGST exemption under Customs notification 174/66


IGST exemption and import duty exemption on re-import as per Notfn 174/66

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174/66-Customs, dated 24.09.1966 is valid when introduction of GST in India on July 01, 2017 for exemption of IGST on imports.


According to customs notification number 174/66 dated 24.09.1966, import duty on goods not produced or manufactured in India, which are private personal property and which prior to their import into India have been exported there from and re-imported within three years from the date of export.


According to GST Law 2017, exemption on IGST is extended on goods specified under customs notification number 174/66 dated 24.09.1966.


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Customs notification number 174/66 dated 24.09.1966



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