HS CODE Chapter 22 beverages , SPIRITS vinegar 4 digits

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HS CODE Chapter 22 beverages , SPIRITS & vinegar 4 digits


2201 waters, natural etc, not sweetened etc, ice & snow

22 BEVERAGES , SPIRITS VINEGAR2202 waters, sweetened etc & other nonalc beverages nesoi

2203 beer made from malt

2204 wine of fresh grapes, grape must nesoi

2205 vermouth & other wine of fresh grapes spec flavored

2206 fermented beverages nesoi (cider, berry, mead etc)

2207 ethyl alcohol, undenat, n/un 80% alc, alcohol, denat

2208 ethyl alcohol, undenat, und 80% alc, spirit bev etc

2209 vinegar & substitutes for vinegar from acetic acid


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