FORM-Quarterly Return

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Annexure ‘D’
[Refer to paragraph 4(3) of Schedule I]
Quarterly Return
1. Name of Company :
2. Address :
3. GDR/ADR issue launched on :
4. Total No. of GDRs/ADRs issued :
5. Total amount raised :
6. Total interest earned till end of quarter :
7. Issue Expenses and commissions etc. :
8. Amount repatriated :
9. Balance kept abroad Details :
(i) Banks Deposits
(ii) Treasury Bills
(iii) Others (Please specify)
10. No. of GDRs still outstanding :
11. Company’s share price at the end of the quarter :
12. GDR price quoted on overseas stock exchange as at the end of the quarter : Certified that funds raised through ADRs/GDRs have not been invested in stock market or real estate.
Sd/- Sd/- Chartered Accountant Authorised Signatory of the Company


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Click below to download this form in pdf format:


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