Export Promotion and Market Development scheme for exporters


Export schemes for Market Development from APEDA


Sub-Component 1          

Supply of material, samples, product literature, development of website, advertisement etc. for publicity and market promotion for fairs/events organized /sponsored by APEDA:         
100% to be implemented by APEDA

Sub-Component 2           

Publicity and promotion through preparation of product literature, publicity material, advertisement, film etc. by APEDA: 100% to be implemented by APEDA

Sub-Component 3           

Brand publicity (Product specific Indian Brands) through advertisement etc. Brand promotion for those brands which are of Indian origin, advertisement in international print/ electronic media etc.:  25% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs 50.00 lakh in a year on reimbursement basis subject to auditing of the accounts. Not to be extended to an exporter beyond 3 consecutive years. Norms for providing assistance would be framed by APEDA with approval of Department of Commerce.

Sub-Component 4           

Export promotion by APEDA for undertaking activities like buyer-seller meet, product promotion, exchange of delegations, participation in exhibitions/fairs/events etc.              100% of the cost for APEDA For exporters, assistance would be provided in the pattern of MDA guidelines

Sub-Component 5           

Generic publicity of APEDA scheduled products  100% of the cost for APEDA


Sub-Component 6           

Market facilitation centre in major trading hubs of world

Showrooms / Warehouses would be setup in leased or rental accommodation for identified products at identified centers identified on the basis of marketing studies/surveys. Such showrooms/warehouses may be set up by one or more eligible agencies and for one or more product categories.  Under the component 75%, 50% and 33% of leasing/ rental charges in the first, second and the third year, respectively, would be provided as assistance. There would be a ceiling of Rs.100.00 lakhs for each market/product per annum.


However, in cases of multi product showroom/warehouse(s) the ceiling would be Rs.500 lakhs for each market per annum.


APEDA, after the review of the performance and impact made by such interventions, may allow financial support of 25% of leasing / rental charges per year for a further period not exceeding three years.

Sub-Component 7           

Assistance for development and establishment of brand image of selected high value added processed food products in the overseas markets for generic products only and be done in partnership with IBEF, where ever possible.      100% for APEDA

7 (a) Display in international Departmental Store:

Tie up with local distributors /major stores shall be used as a tool for promoting generic products.. International Departmental Stores chains would be identified on the basis of marketing studies/surveys.          

7 (b) Publicity Campaign and Brand Promotion:

Intensive publicity campaigns for identified product/products in the identified market through various means would help in creating a brand identity for Indian products in International markets. The eligible exporter may also undertake publicity campaigns for establishing the Indian brand.    

7 (c) The criteria for selection of “high value added” products is as follows:


(i). The major ingredient (raw material) of the end-product (that is exported) needs to be an APEDA scheduled product

(ii). The end-product being exported needs to be in consumer pack with product content of 1000 grams or less   

7 (d) The list of end products eligible for this component are listed below:

•             Alcoholic beverages: Wine

•             Cereal & Pulses preparations in retail packs: Macaroni, Pasta, Noodles, Pies, Cake, Cookies, Bakery products, Custard, Namkeens, RTE (including frozen parathas, ready to serve Pulav / Biryani, ready to serve dals, etc).

•             Cocoa products in retail packs: Chocolate

•             Dairy products in retail packs: Butter, Butter oils/Ghee, Cheese, Cream, Ice cream, paneer, RTE etc

•             Other processed Fruits & Vegetables in retail packs: Juices, Jams, Jellies, IQF products, RTE food such as Samosas, cutlets, Ready to serve vegetables, Mixed nuts & raisins etc.

•             Poultry products in retail packs: RTE products etc

•             Processed meat in retail packs: Sausage & canned meat, RTE etc

•             Confectionery & Sweet meats in retail packs: Desserts, Frozen dessert, Sweets such as Rasgulla, Kalajamun, Sandesh, etc.

Other processed items in retail packs: Margarine, BBQ sauce, Mayonnaise, Peanut butter, etc      


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Manish agarwal: Sir how to export my product of ice cream or kulfi in various country from india is that export is or not in that time

ramesh: I have been running a boutique consulting firm specializing in efficient marketing techniques, high-stakes communication and strategy consulting since 1989. My focus has been on international trade and I have been conducting seminars on efficient export marketing for exporters. I have also been to most countries on behalf of my clients and have many exporters as my regular clients. However, my focus has totally been on "efficient export marketing" and I have no knowledge of other areas like settling international trade disputes. Recently one of my clients faced an issue: they have been exporting to someone in the USA for the last 15 years and all of a sudden the importer defaulted on a payment of US$33,000. They sought my advice and I did not have the answer. All I could advice them that they need to file a suit under the Foreign Award (Recognition and Enforcement) Act 1961. I talked to some advocates too but most of them did not have any idea as to what should be done. I want to associate with you so that I can better serve my clients. Also kindly let me know which course covers all such legal aspects: are all such things taught in LLM in international law?

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