Importance to the Shipping Company

Importance to the Shipping Company

Importance to the Shipping Company1. It helps the shipping company to collect the freight amount from the exporter (CIF contract) or importer (FOB contract).

2. Shipping company can protect itself from the wrongful claims of exporter/importer by incorporating condition of goods/packaging, at the time of receipt. In case the shipping company, inadvertently, omits to mention the adverse condition, at the time of receipt, advantage can be claimed by exporter/importer, by submitting wrongful claim.


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alka: Gone through your website How to Export, its very very useful website, thank you so much for sharing valuable articles. I was working with Freight forwarding firm and have 8 year experience in customer service Sea Import due to some health issues i have quite from my job, but after long gap got one very good opportunity as a pricing incharge, can you pls share some tips about pricing with shipping company and airlines.

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