Annex III- Statement of Nostro , Vostro Balances

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Annex III
(see paragraph D (ii) of the Master Circular on Risk Management and Inter-bank Dealings dated July 2, 2007) Statement of Nostro/Vostro Balances for the month of Name & address of the Authorised Dealer Category-I …….. Sr. No. Currency Net balance in Nostro Account net balance in Vostro Account.
5 Rupee
6 Other currencies (in US $ million) Note: In case the variation in each item above (given at 1 to 5) exceeds 10% in a month, the reason may be given briefly, as a footnote. This statement should be addressed to The Director, Division of international Finance, Department of Economic Analysis and Policy, Reserve Bank of India, 8th Floor, Mumbai- 400 001. Phone: 022- 2266 3791. Fax- 022 2262 2993, 2266 0792. e.mail:


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