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The following are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business. These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of antonyms in shipping trade, abbreviations used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering. Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article. If you would like to add up more abbreviations to this article which is commonly used in your region, you may write at bottom of this article. Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is meant for import and export.

M&E--Meal and entertainment 

M&IE--Meals and incidental expenses
M&P--Master and prototype
M.D. Month’s Date
M.F.N Most Favored Nation
M.I.P. Marine Insurance Policy
M.I.P-Marine Insurance Policy
M.O.M.--Middle of the month
M.S. Motor Ship
M.S.A-Merchant Shipping Act.
M.S.C-Manchester Ship Canal
M.S.-Motor Ship
M.T. Metric Ton
M.T.-Motor Tanker
M.V.-Motor Vessel
M/L---More or Less
M/o C. A. Ministry of Company Affairs
M/o C. A., Food & Pub. Dist. Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
M/o Dev of NER Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
M/o Env. & Forests Ministry of Environment & Forests
M/o HRD Ministry of Human Resources Development
M/o I & B Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
M/o RD Ministry of Rural Development
M/o SSI Ministry of Small Scale Industry
M/o Stat. & PI Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation
M/o UE & PA Ministry of Urban Employment & Poverty Alleviation
M/P Months After Payment
M/P-Months After Payment
M/R ; MR---Mate's Receipt

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m/r Mates receipt
M/R Mate's Receipt
M/R-Mate's Receipt
M/T---Mail Transfer, Metric Ton, Measurement Ton
M/V Motor Vessel \ Merchant Vessel
M3 Cubic Meter
MAC Mainland Affairs Council (of Taiwan)
MAC--Maximum amount contributable
MACRS Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
MACRS--Modified accelerated cost recovery system
MAD--Mean absolute deviation
MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (of Japan)
MAGI--Modified adjusted gross income
MAI Multilateral Agreement on Investment
MA--Moving average
MANIFEST Inventory of cargo on board
MANOVA--Multivariate analysis of variance
MAP--Mutual Agreement Procedure
MASI - Management Audit Systems Inspection
MAS--Multiple award schedule
MAT - Minimum Alternate Tax
MAT "Marine, aviation and transport (insurance)
MAWB Master Air Waybill
Max. Maximum
MB Merchant Broker
MBA--Mortgage Bankers Association
MBDA--Minority Business Development Agency
MBE--Mortgage banking enterprise
MBM - Meat and Bone Meal
MBS - Mortgage Backed Securities
MBS--Mortgage backed securities
MCA - Ministry of Corporate Affairs
MCC -Marine Communication Course
MCC Modernized Customs Code (EU)Global Trade and Customs Journal – List of Abbreviations
MCC--Merchant category code
MCC--Mortgage credit certificate
MCD Miscellaneous Cash Payment
MC--Market capitalization (cap)
MCO : Miscellaneous Charges Order
MD = Managing Director
MD Malicious Damage
MDF Mediterranean Development Forum
MDF--Market development funds
MDHB Mersey Docks and Harbour Board
MDIB--Minimum distribution incidental benefit
MDIB--Minimum distribution incidental benefit
MDO (DO) Marine Diesel Oil
MDWT Metric Dead Weight tons
MEA Multilateral Environmental Agreements
MEC--Minimum employer contribution
MEC--Minimum essential coverage
MEC--Modified endowment contract
MED Ministry of Education
Medium Enterprises
MeF--Modernized e-file
MEF--Modified energy factor
MEFTA Middle East Free Trade Area

MEFTA Middle East Free Trade Area 

MENA Middle East and North Africa
MEO -Marine Engineer Officer
MEP - Member of the European Parliament
MERC Middle East Regional Cooperation
MERCOSUR Southern Common Market
MERCOSUR Southern Common Market in Latin America. Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.
METI Trade and Industry Minister (of Japan)
MEWA--Multiple employer welfare arrangements
MF - Mutual Funds
MFA - Multifibre Arrangement
MFA -Medical First Aid
MFA Multifibre Arrangement (GATT, 1974-94)
MFDEF - Micro Finance Development and Equity
MFDF - Micro Finance Development Fund
mfg. (manufacturing date)
MFI - Micro Finance Institution
MFJ--Married, filing joint
MFN - most favoured nation
MFN Most-Favoured-Nation treatment.
MFN---Most Favoured Nation Clause
MFS--Married, filing separate
MFTRA--Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003
MGIC--Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Company
MGMT -Management
mgr Merry-go-round (rail); manager
MHS - Meat Hygiene Service
MIA Malaysian Institute of Accountants
MICR - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
MID---Manufacture's ID
MIDSHIP Approximately in the location equally distant from the bow and stern
MIG Message Implementation Guidelines (IT)
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
MII Ministry of Information Industry (of China)
MILIC Moderately indebted low-income country
MIMIC Moderately indebted middle-income country
MI--Mortgage insurance
Min wt Minimum weight
Min Minimum

MIN/MAX Minimum/Maximum (cargo quantity) 

MINSA Ministry of Health
MIP Marine Insurance Policy
MIS Management Information System
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry (of Japan).
MJIL Melbourne Journal of International Law
MJIL Michigan Journal on International Law
MLC - Meat and Livestock Commission
MLD--Market-linked deposit
MLI--Multilingual Initiative
MLM--Multi-level marketing
MLP--Master limited partnership
MLP--Minimum lease payments
MLR--Medical loss ratio
MLS--Multiple listing service
MLTN--More likely than not
MMA - Macro Management of Agriculture
MMBCS - Magnetic Media Based Clearing System
MMBM - Mammalian Meat and Bone Meal
MMC--Money market certificate of deposit
MMDA--Money market deposit account
MMLLC--Multi-member LLC
MMMFs - Money Market Mutual Funds
MM--Mid month
MMO-Multi Model Operator
MMREF--Magnetic Media Reporting and Electronic Filing
MMS - Multi Modal Settlements
MMSE Minimum Mean Squared Errors
MNC--Multinational corporation
MNCs Multinational corporations.
MO Managing Owner
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOD--Manufacturing on demand
MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
MODVAT - Modified Value Added Tax
MOEA Ministry of Economic Affairs (of Taiwan)
MOF Master Office File

MoF Ministry of Finance 

MOFERT Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade (PRC)
MOFTEC Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (of People's Republic of China)
MOH Ministry of Health
MOI Ministry of the Interior (of Taiwan)
MOIC--Monitoring Offer In Compromise
MOL More or Less
MOLCHOPT More or Less Charterers Option
MOLOO More Or Less Owners (Masters) Option
MOLOO More or Less Owners Option
M-O-M--Month over month
MON MONitors (fire)
MOORING An arrangement for securing a ship to a mooring buoy or pier
MOPH Ministry of Public Health
MOQ Minimum Order Quantity
MOSS Market-Oriented, Sector-Selective
MOT Merchant Over Time
MOT Ministry Of Transpory
MOT Monthly OverTime
MOTC Ministry of Transportation and Communications (of Taiwan)
MOTO--Mail order-telephone order
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MP LADS Member of Parliament's Local Area Development Scheme
MPC Monetary Policy Committee
MPC--Marginal propensity to consume
MPD - Monetary Policy Department
MPGE--manufactured, produced, grown, or extracted
MPI - Macro-Prudential Indicators
MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching
MPS--Marginal propensity to save
MPT Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
MQT--Medicaid qualifying trust
MR Mates Receipt
MR Medium Range
MRA Mutual Recognition Agreement

MRC - Medical Research Council
MRD--Minimum required distribution
MRM - Mechanically Recovered Meat
MRM Monitoring and Review Mechanism
MRN Movement Reference Number
MRO Maintenance, Repair, and Operations
MRO--Maintenance, repair, and overhaul
MRPS--Mandatorily redeemable preferred stock
MRQ--Most recent quarter
MRT Ministers Responsible for Trade
MSA Multilateral Steel Agreement
MSA--Major stock acquisition
MSA--Medical Savings Account
MSA--Metropolitan statistical area
MSB--Money service business
MSE-CDP - Micro and Small Enterprises Cluster
MSER--Multi-state Employer Registration
MSEs - Micro and Small Enterprises
MSF-Marginal Standing Facility
MS-Manuscript mail steamer
MSMEs - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
MSOD Monthly Statement of Select Operational Data
MSOE - Minimum Standards of Operational
MSP - Minimum Support Price
MSP--Managed service provider
MSRB--Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
MSRP – Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
MSRRA--Military Spouses Residency Relief Act of 2009
MSS - Market Stabilisation Scheme
MSSP--Market Segment Specialization Program
MSSS--IRS main frames and servers services support
mst or msmt Measurement
MSU--Market Segment Understandings
MT Mail Transfer
MT Metric Tonne
MT "Mail Transfer, metrictonne; empty (to describe container)
Mt Empty (refer to shipping containers)
MT Mertic Tonne (i.e. 1,000 kilos)
MTA--Maximum tax adjustment
MTBF--Mean time between failure
MTB--Motor transportation broker
MTC Malaysian Timber Council
MTC--Minimum tax credit
MTC--Multi-State Tax Commission
MTCNOLD--Minimum tax credit net operating loss deduction
MTCNOL--Minimum tax credit net operating loss
MTD Month-to-date
MTD---Multi-transport Document
MTFTCE--Minimum tax foreign tax credit on exclusion items
MTM - Mark-to-Market
MTN Multilateral Trade Negotiations
MTO Multilateral Trade Organization
MTONS Metric Tonnes

MTR--Marginal tax rate
MTTR--Mean time to recovery (mean time to repair)
MUPLA--Model Uniform Products Liability Act
MUS--Market Segment Understandings
MV or mv Motor vessel
MVIC--Market value of invested capital
MW--Minimum weight
MWPC--Making Work Pay Credit
MYRA Multi-Year Rescheduling Agreement


The above are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business. These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of abbreviations in shipping trade, expansions used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering. Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article. If you would like to add up more abbreviations commonly used in your region, you may write such enlargements below. Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is dealt with international trade.


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