4 Marine restricted Inco Terms 2020

Inco Terms used for movement of goods under Sea and Inland Water ways.


The marine restricted terms of delivery are FAS,FOB, CFR and CIF used to move goods by Sea and Inland waterways.  

It is preferably used for the movement of goods by Sea and inland waterways.  However, some of the traders use FOB for all modes of transport.  Since Incoterms are rules and not Laws,  there is no harm to use.  However,  the clear description on terms of delivery may be mentioned in the sale contract between buyer and seller on the terms of delivery of goods, the responsibility of buyer and seller to undertake risks and costs of the terms contracting each other.

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FAS  Free Alongside Ship


FOB  Free On Board


CFR  Cost and Freight


CIF  Cost Insurance and Freight


The above are the 04 Inco Terms 2020 delivery terms used as marine restricted.


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