What happens if Date difference in HBL and MBL
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What happens if Date difference in HBL & MBL

What happens if Date difference in HBL & MBL


Could the date of HBL and the date of MBL be different?


What is the earliest date can be mentioned in a House Bill of Lading? What would be the earliest date in a Master Bill of Lading?


I have written a couple of articles in same website about the details of House Bill of Lading and Master bill of lading. These articles help you to have a deep knowledge on the mechanism of HBL and MBL.


Now let us discuss - Is compulsory to mention same date of issue in HBL and MBL. Is there any problem on different date in HBL and MBL?


House bill of lading is the BL issued by a freight forwarder/consolidator to the final shipper/exporter once after receipt of goods along with necessary legal export document proving, completion of customs formalities. The said freight forwarder mentions date in House Bill of Lading on the date of issue of such document. The date of bill of lading should not be prior to completion of export customs formalities.



Once after receipt of goods along with proof of completion of export customs formalities, the freight forwarder delivers cargo to main carrier and obtains Master bill of lading. The date of master bill of lading should not be prior to the date of completion of customs formalities.


The question is, whether the date of HBL and MBL could be the same or can be different. Normally the date of house bill of Lading and the date of Master bill of lading is mentioned same. However, if the date of MBL and HBL differs, there is no inconvenience or error in smooth delivery of cargo to final consignee at destination port.


I could see among information posted in internet that the HBL date and MBL date must be same. But, during my career for the past 25 years in the trade, I have never faced any inconvenience due to different dates in HBL and MBL.


I hope, I have satisfied you on the subject – ‘Is it compulsory to mention same date in House Bill of Lading and Master Bill of Lading?’


Please share your experience in handling HBL and MBL.



Comment below your thoughts on this subject about date of House Bill of Lading and date of Master Bill of Lading.




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Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Your articles are informative and have proved to be of immense help. I have one query which actually arose while going through the article on difference between HBL and MBL.Is it necessary that one voyage will contain the goods handed over by one forwarder only. If not then whose name will be mentioned in MBL as the shipper.
Nayan Chavda Says :
Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Have read your article "What happen if date is not match between HBL and MBL. it's really a good and helpful. Normally MBL and HBL date of issue is same. If any of technical reason, both BL's date are mismatch. I just want to know how carrier will file IGM at destination ?
Surendran Kollerath Says :
Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Hi Nayan Chavda, I have written a separate article in this website about this issue. Please go through the same.

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