Terms used in trade such as White Goods,White Collar Crime,White Knight , White Van Man,Wholesale Bank etc


The terms used in business such as White Goods,White Collar Crime,White Knight , White Van Man,Wholesale Bank etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Web Site, Webmaster, Weighting,Wheeling And Dealing,White Goods,White Collar Crime,White Knight ,White Van Man,Wholesale Bank etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Web Site:There is an innumerable web page of varieties in a web server. These web-pages (collection of specially formatted documents) have their definite addresses, which facilitate anybody to search their needed materials, this an web site is an web address consisting of many such web pages. As for example, www.businesscommunicationarticles.com is an web site. If you search this site, you will find varieties of information relating to trade, education, science, etc.


Webinar - Web-based seminar. A meeting, conference, etc., which is transmitted over the Internet, with each participant using their own computer to connect to the other participants.


Webmaster - A person who is responsible for maintaining a website.


Webzine - An electronic magazine which is published on the Internet.


Weighbridge - Known as a Weigh Station in the US. A vehicle weighing system which consists of a metal plate set into a road which vehicles, usually trucks with loads, are driven onto to be weighed to check if they are overladen.


The terms used in  business such as White Goods,White Collar Crime,White Knight , White Van Man,Wholesale Bank  etcWeight Note - A document issued by either the exporter or a third party declaring the weight of goods in a consignment.


weighted average: an average of quantities that have been adjusted by the addition of a statistical value to allow for their relative importance in a data set


Weighting - An allowance paid to workers who live in certain areas of the country, such as London, to compensate for higher living costs.


Well-being/wellbeing/well being - Significant term and consideration concerning personal health and happiness in the workplace, with implications for performance, quality, organizational effectiveness and profitability. Well-being, and specifically the promotion and strategic improvement of personal well-being in the workplace, is a major extension of earlier principles and issues of stress and stress management. See workplace well-being.


West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) - A regional alliance of Francophone West African countries dedicated to promoting economic integration among the seven member countries. The country members are Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo. They all share a common currency and have a central bank to oversee it.


Wet Lease - An arrangement in which an airline leases an aircraft, complete with crew, insurance, etc., to another company, usually for a short period of time.


Wharfage Charge - A charge assessed by a pier or dock owner for handling incoming or outgoing cargo.


What if?.. Scenarios/Modelling - 'What If?..' Scenarios or Modelling is a form of planning. 'What If?..' is a vague and general term covering methods of predictive or creative forecasting, in which scenarios or hypothetical situations are developed, almost always by extending or extrapolating an existing or historical situation. 'What If?..' methods in planning and problem-solving commonly seek to identify and predict new events and factors which arise in addition to what may be easily assumed from basic extrapolation, and therefore entail quite a high degree of creative and imaginative input. 'What If?..' planning may be organized with computerised systems, or may be mapped in more basic pen-and-paper terms. Effective 'What If?..' methods will often involve brainstorming of one sort or another.


Wheeling And Dealing - Making a profit, sometimes dishonestly, buy buying and selling things, or acting as a go-between for two parties.


Whistleblower/Whistle-blower - A person who informs the public (usually via websites or news media) and/or relevant authorities (watchdogs, government, ombudsman, standards body, etc) about wrong-doings, failings, corruption, or other illegal activities within an organization. The wrong actions might be of a colleague, superior, workgroup, or any number of individuals working in the organization, or otherwise working with the organization. Often the wrong-doing is directly or indirectly a consequence of inadequate corporate governance. Typically, but not essentially, the whistleblower is or was employed by the organization concerned, or becomes quickly unemployed or at least suspended. Following a few high profile cases in the late 1900s when whistleblowers were wrongfully dismissed and persecuted and/or subject to legal action by their employers, laws were introduced (UK Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998) to increase protections and safeguards for whistleblowers. Similar safeguards have been enacted in different laws internationally, although legislation is often inconsistent; adherence among employers is patchy, and enforcement by governments is patchy too. Not all whistleblowing is rightly motivated - some can be vengeful, inaccurate, or otherwise unjustified, although the term 'whistleblowing' is generally considered to refer to justified reporting/publicizing of clearly seriously wrong and usually illegal organizational activities. Famous examples of whistleblowing cases include scandals in major industries such as banking, oil, mining, and media, involving some of the world's biggest corporations, as well as in government and state agencies.


whistleblowing: speaking out to the media or the public on malpractice, misconduct, corruption, or mismanagement witnessed in an organization


White Collar - Refers to employees who work in offices or business rather than manual workers.


White Collar Crime - An illegal act such as fraud, embezzlement, bribery, etc., committed by a worker in business or administrative function.


White Goods - Large domestic electrical appliances, such as cookers, washing machines, fridges, etc.


White Knight - A company, individual, etc., who offers favourable terms in a takeover, usually saving the acquired company from a hostile takeover.


White Paper - An explanatory document produced by a political group or government or business or other organization. Originally a white paper (early 1900s UK) was a governmental document which explained and justified a matter of law or legislation which was shortly to be introduced for debate and parliamentary vote. A white paper is highly persuasive by nature - it 'sells' a particular proposition or change using (in print) debating techniques, evidence, statistics, cause-and-effect arguments, facts and figures, etc., so as to build a convincing case aimed at securing the approval of represented interests or an affected/targeted audience. White papers tend to contain elevated and technical language and to adopt an official tone, so as to appear expert, wise and authoritative. Not surprisingly therefore sometime towards the late 1900s commercial organizations began adopting the white paper concept/instrument as a marketing tool, as a means of introducing a topic to an audience in a way that reflects a sense of importance and authority on the subject and advocating (selling) body, and which seeks to minimize challenge, objection, etc., and maximize and accelarate acceptance and support. There is often an educational aspect, and a need/opportunity to convince influential opinion-formers and commentators, media, etc The commercial purpose is similar to the political purpose, and there may be overlap anyway since many big commercial issues are also political too. In governmental situations a white paper is often preceded by a green paper, which by nature is less firm and specific and is more of a discussion document, but which is nevertheless usually formulated with a particular outcome or poposition in mind. Precise meanings vary in different parts of the world for these terms and caution/clarification is recommended, especially in non-government situations, where people use the terminology vaguely.


White Van Man - A derogatory term for drivers of white commercial vans, who have a reputation for driving recklessly and intimidating car drivers by driving about three inches from their rear bumper.


Wholesale - The sale of goods in large quantities, usually to retailers who then sell them for a profit.


Wholesale Bank - A bank which provides services to large organisations, financial institutions, etc., rather than individual customers.


Wholesale Price Index (WPI):It is a measure of inflation, or price change, arrived at after regularly measuring the prices of a slew of wholesale goods.


wholesale price: a price charged to customers who buy large quantities of an item for resale in smaller quantities to others


Wholesaler / Grossiste :An organisation that buys large quantities of goods from manufacturers and sells them to retailers who sell directly to the public. The wholesaler buys in order to resell to traders, retailers or companies.


The above details describes about terms called in business such Web Site, Webmaster, Weighting,Wheeling And Dealing,White Goods,White Collar Crime,White Knight ,White Van Man,Wholesale Bank etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as V-shaped recession,Wager Policy,Waiver,Walking Papers, Watchdog,WATS ,Wayzgoose etc

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