Define Inbound Logistics

What are Inbound Logistics?


Inbound logistics alludes to the sourcing, acquiring, and putting away of the raw materials and parts of the product that is coming to the business organization. It is an integral part of the operations, for a firm involved in manufacturing business. It includes materials handling, stock control, inspection and transport, etc. to facilitate, the production or market distribution.

We can also imply Inbound Logistics as the transportation, storage and delivery of goods which is coming into the manufacturing plant or to the location of the business from suppliers. It covers anything that a company orders from suppliers, which can incorporate tools, raw materials and office equipment besides to inventory. Inshort, inbound logistics includes all the activities that are concerned with order placement to the suppliers.

Inbound Logistics is related to material management & obtainment and also concentrates on arrangements of resources and raw materials, within the production plant. In this, the Interaction is taking place between supplier and the company.


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