Terms used in trade such as Information Superhighway, Inorganic ,Innovation, Insolvent,Insurance Adjuster , Intangible assets, etc


Terms used in business such as Information Superhighway, Inorganic ,Innovation, Insolvent,Insurance Adjuster , Intangible assets, etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such Inflation,Inflection Point,Information Superhighway,Inorganic,Innovation,Insolvent,Insurance Adjuster , Intangible assets,Integrated Financial Market etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Inflation Rate - The general increase in the price level herein measured by the growth rate in the GNP Implicit Price Index or the general price deflator.


Inflation: a sustained increase in a country's general level of prices that devalues its currency, often caused by excess demand in the economy.


Inflation:It is an increase in the amount of money in circulation beyond the current need of the country. Unless the increase is accompanied by an equivalent increase in quantity of consumer goods, there will be an increase in prices. Thus it is ordinarily understood as a rapid rise in the general level of price caused by an increase in the supply of money.


Terms used in  business such as Information Superhighway, Inorganic ,Innovation, Insolvent,Insurance Adjuster , Intangible assets, etcInflection Point - In business, when important significant changes take place in an organisation. (Andrew S. Grove - Intel)


Infographic - A portmanteau word (made from information and graphic) referring to a picture or diagram which conveys information. The term is relatively new but the concept of conveying information via graphics is very old indeed. Many prehistoric cave paintings are infographics, for example which depict hunting or record other activities. The Bayeux Tapestry is an infographic, telling the story of the 1066 Norman Conquest of England. Some infographics become very iconic, such the map of the London Undergound railway. More recently infographics feature strongly in computer media, especially on the internet, because technology enables easier design of infographics, and audiences which have grown up surrounded by visual media, increasingly seek and respond to data presented in ways that can be absorbed and understood very quickly.


Infomediary - An agent who works on behalf of a business, collecting information on, and developing profiles of, individual customers.


Infomercial - An 'information commercial' (a portmanteau word). A long television commercial (advertisement) presented in the form of a documentary or TV program. This format is used so that it does not appear to be selling a product or service.


Infomercial: a television or cinema commercial that includes helpful information about a product as well as advertising content.


Information Superhighway - Communications network, notably the Internet, which provides high speed access to information in the form of sound, text, images, etc.


Information Technology - Also known as IT. The study and use of computers and communications systems.


Inheritance Tax - Also called Death Duty in the UK. Known as Death Tax in the US. A tax imposed by the government which much be paid on the total value of the estate of a deceased person.


Initial public offering (IPO) - when a company first offers shares on the stock market to sell them to the general public. Also known as floating on the stock market.


Initial public offering: the first instance of making particular shares available for sale to the public.


Injunction - a remedy sometimes awarded by the court that stops some action being taken. It can be used to stop another party doing something against the terms of the contract. Injunctions are at the court's discretion and a judge may refuse to give one and award damages instead.


Injunction - An official court order which demands that someone must refrain from carrying out certain actions.


In-Line Database:An on-line database is a collection of information stored electronically is a mainframe computer. The mainframe computer is accessible by a microcomputer or terminal and a telephone hookup. A user gets his desired information from the mainframe computer wherever it is, provided he has a microcomputer (connected with the mainframe), modem and telephone line.


Innovation - The introduction of new ideas, goods, etc., or new methods of production. A new way of doing something.


Inorganic - A term used to describe the growth of a business from mergers or takeovers, rather than from the increase in productivity or activity of the company's own business.


Inside Information - Information about a company which is known only by the owners, management and/or employees, and not the general public. The use of Inside Information for the buying and selling of shares is usually illegal.


Inside Track - An advantageous position in a company or organisation. To know about something before others get to hear about it.


Insolvency - Not having enough finances or assets available to pay all your debts.


Insolvency: the inability to pay debts when they become due. Insolvency will apply even if total assets exceed total liabilities, if those assets cannot be readily converted into cash to meet debts as they mature. Even then, insolvency may not necessarily mean business failure. Bankruptcy may be avoided through debt rescheduling or turnaround management.


Insolvent - a business or company is insolvent when they cannot pay their debts as and when they fall due.


Insolvent:An insolvent is a person whose debt far exceeds the value of his property and who commits an act of insolvency.


Instant Access Account - A bank or building society account which allows you have instant access to your money without any penalties.


Insurable Interest:The interest, which the assured possesses in the subject matter in a contract of insurance, is known as an insurable interest. The interest must be of a pecuniary nature i.e. the loss to be suffered must involve money.


Insurance Adjuster - Also known as a Claims Adjuster. An independent person who investigates insurance claims for an insurance company and evaluates the damage caused and decides whether the claims are valid, and if they are, how much should be paid in settlement to the insured party.


Insurance period / Exercice d'assurance (police investissement) :Period of one year beginning on the date when the policy is signed.


Insurance: an arrangement in which individuals or companies pay another company to guarantee them compensation if they suffer loss resulting from risks such as fire, theft, or accidental damage.


Intangible Asset - A company's assets which do not physically exist, such as brand name, trademarks, copyrights, etc.


Intangible assets - non-physical assets with no fixed value, such as goodwill and intellectual property rights.


Integrated Financial Market - A market in which there are no barriers to financial flows and purchasing power parity holds across equivalent assets.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) - A dedicated or switched (where available) originating and terminating service providing end-to-end digital connection for the simultaneous transmission of voice, data, video, imaging, fax and other communications services over multiple channels which have been combined to provide a single transmission path.


Intellectual Capital - The skills and knowledge of a company's employees, which can be used to make the company more successful than its competitors.


Intellectual Property - Commonly abbreviated to IP, an idea or creation, e.g., artwork, writing, etc., that belongs to an individual or organisation, which has commercial value and therefore cannot be copied or sold without the owner's permission.


Intellectual Property Rights - Patents, copyrights, and proprietary technologies and processes that are the basis of the multinational corporation’s competitive advantage over local firms.


Intellectual property: the ownership of rights to ideas, designs, and inventions, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Intellectual property is protected by law in most countries, and the World Intellectual Property Organization is responsible for harmonizing the law across different countries and promoting protection of intellectual property rights.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Inflation,Inflection Point,Information Superhighway,Inorganic,Innovation,Insolvent,Insurance Adjuster , Intangible assets,Integrated Financial Market etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Hysteresis,Icon,Identity Theft,International Direct Mail,Impaired capital,Implied terms etc

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