Terms used in business such as Predatory Lending,Predatory Pricing , Present Value,Press Agent,Press Release etc


The terms used in business such as Predatory Lending,Predatory Pricing , Present Value,Press Agent,Press Release etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Post-Date,Power Distance,Power Nap,Prairie Dogging,Predatory Lending,Predatory Pricing , Present Value,Press Agent,Press Release etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Postage And Packing - Called Postage and Handling in the US. The cost of wrapping an item and sending it by post. Often used for mail order goods.


Post-Date - To insert a future date on a cheque or document at the time of writing, so it becomes effective at that later date.


Post-Fordism - Also called Flexible Modernity. An industrial production system which has changed from mass production in large factories, such as Ford Motors, and moved towards smaller flexible, more specialised manufacturing systems.


Power Brand - A brand of goods, etc., which is well known and has a large share of the consumer market for a long period of time.


The terms used in  business such as Predatory Lending,Predatory Pricing , Present Value,Press Agent,Press Release etcPower Distance - The extent to which a society accepts hierarchical differences.


Power Lunch - A business meeting held over lunch in which important decisions may be made, or high level discussions carried out.


Power Nap - A short nap. usually lasting about 20 minutes, taken during the day, that refreshes a person so they can carry on working.


POWER OF ATTORNEY:An agreement authorizing someone (generally an attorney) to act as your agent. This agreement may be general (complete authority) or special (limited authority).


Power of Attorney:It refers to a document in which one person gives power to another to sell or act on his behalf in respect of the matter specified in the document.


PP / PO :Per procurationem, on behalf of or with the authority of someone else.


PPAR :Professional Personnel Activity Report. See SAR.


PPC - Pay-Per-Click (also called CPC, Cost-Per-Click) - A method of internet/website/electronic advertising by which an advertiser pays according to the number of visitors/users who click on an advert. This compares with the main alternative method, CPI - Cost-Per-Impression (or 'cost per view') - by which advertisers pay according to the number of times an advert is displayed/viewed, and which is used analytically/statistically beyond electronic advertising. The non-electronic/non-internet equivalent of PPC/CPC is loosely 'cost per enquiry/inquiry' or 'cost per lead'. CPO - Cost-Per-Order (cost per transaction) - is a less common variation, by which advertising cost is calculated/charged according to numbers or values of orders placed (purchases or sales revenues), which is a further step in the buying/selling process. The cost-effectiveness of PPC (pay per click) is easier to predict and manage than CPI (cost per impression/view), but less easy to predict and manage than CPO (cost per order/transaction/sale). See sales and selling for detailed explanation of the sales and selling process.


PPE :Per Pupil Expenditure.


Prairie Dogging - This occurs when someone who works in an open office, which is divided into cubicles, drops something or shouts and everyone else pops their heads above the dividing walls to see what is happening.


PRC :Program Report Code. Charter school’s state PRC is 036. Each federal grant has its own PRC.


prebilling: the practice of submitting a bill for a product or service before it has actually been delivered.


Precedent - A past act or decision which is used as an example to decide the outcome of similar subsequent acts.


Predatory Lending - The often illegal practice of lending money to people who the lender knows are unable to pay back the loan, such as low-income house-owners, who subsequently may lose their homes which they have used as security against the loan.


Predatory Pricing - Also known as Destroyer Pricing. A situation where a company charges very low prices for goods or services in order to put its competitors out of business, after which prices will be raised.


Predatory Pricing - Practice of temporarily selling below survival costs or giving goods away to undermine or eliminate the existing competition. Predatory pricing is an abuse of dominant position, and is illegal in several countries.


Preference Share - Also called Preferred Shares. A type of share which pays the owner a fixed dividend before other share owners are paid their dividends. Preference Shareholders do not usually have the right to vote at shareholders meetings.


Preference Shares: Preference shares are those shares holders of which enjoy some special privileges either in the payment of a fixed dividend before any dividend is paid to other classes of shareholders or in the returned of capital or both.


Preferential Creditor - A creditor who has the right to receive payment of debts, before other creditors, from a bankrupt company.


PREFERRED LENDERS:Banks which have a special written agreement with the SBA which allows them to make a guaranteed SBA loan without prior SBA approval.


Pre-Market - On the Stock Market, trading which takes place between members before the official opening time.


Premises - A building or buildings on contiguous property (except railroad rights-of-way, etc.)


Premium Income - The revenue recieved by an insurance company from its customers.


Premium:If denotes the money periodically paid by the insured to the insurance company in respect of- a policy whereby the latter agrees to cover the former against certain kinds of goods or other insurable objects. The term is also used to signify something which is above the nominal or fixed price.


prepaid expenses: Expenditures that are paid in advance for items not yet received.


prepaid interest: interest paid in advance of its due date.


prepayment penalty: a charge that may be levied against somebody who makes a payment before its due date. The penalty compensates the lender or seller for potential lost interest.


Present Value:  The value today of a future payment, or stream of payments, discounted at some appropriate compound interest (discount) rate


Presenteeism - The opposite of Absenteeism. A situation where employees work very long hours or come to work when they are ill and their performance is below standard, which can have a negative effect on the business.


Press Agent - A person employed to arrange publicity for an individual or organisation, for example in newspapers, on television, etc.


Press Conference - Called A News Conference in the US. A meeting held by a business, organisation, individual, etc., to which journalists are invited to hear a public announcement, and usually to ask questions.


Press Release:A press release is an official announcement. It is a statement giving information to the press for its publication. Information is prepared by its own staff of the organization. The press release covers important events e.g. the company issued a press release, to end speculation about its future.


Pressure Group - An organised group of people, or lobbyists, who campaign to influence businesses, governments, etc., to change their policies, e.g. regarding the environment, or to change laws.


Price - The amount of money required to purchase something or to bribe someone. The amount agreed upon between the buyer and seller in a commercial transaction.


price ceiling: The highest amount a customer will pay for a product or a service based upon perceived value.


Price Control - Maximum and minimum price limitations, often during periods of inflation, which a government puts on essential goods and/or services.


price control: government regulations that set maximum prices for commodities or control price levels by credit controls.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Post-Date,Power Distance,Power Nap,Prairie Dogging,Predatory Lending,Predatory Pricing , Present Value,Press Agent,Press Release etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Political Risk,Ponzi Scheme,Polycentric Staffing, Portfolio ,Portmanteau Word ,Positioning etc

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