Terms used in business such as Active Income,Active Partner, Ad Rotation ,Added Value,Adjunct,Adjusted Present Value etc


Terms used in business such as Active Income,Active Partner, Ad Rotation ,Added Value,Adjunct,Adjusted Present Value etc.



This post explains about terms used in business such as Active Income,Active Partner, Ad Rotation ,Added Value,Adjunct,Adjusted Present Value,Adverse Event,Advertising , Advice Note etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business


Active Income - In the U.S. tax code, income from an active business as opposed to passive investment income.


Active Partner:This name refers to a partner who has capital in the business and takes part in the management of its affairs. He is also known as an ordinary partner or a managing partner.


Activity-Based Costing - An accounting/business term and method of profitability analysis which calculates and includes all business costs attributable to (used by) a particular business activity (typically a service provision of one sort or another for a given market). Conventional accounting tends not to allocate fixed/indirect costs per activity, which creates risks of overheads not being adequately recovered, or overheads being drained or over-burdened by one activity or another (the activity concerned thereby seeming a lot more profitable than it actually is, quite aside from the negative effects on other activities which may be starved of essential indirect support). The Activity-Based Costing (ABC) method analyses and allocates fixed/indirect costs according to usage by services, and so brings far greater transparency and clarity to inform strategic decision-making. In large organizations Activity-Based Costing tends to require quite complex computerized systems, and in very large organizations the allocation of overheads implicit within the ABC approach may generate significant political/departmental conflict, especially where staff productivity/profitability targets and rewards depend on the outcomes.


Actuals - Real costs, sales, etc., that have occurred, rather than estimations or expectations.


Actuary: A professional expert in pension and life insurance matters, particularly trained in mathematical, statistical, and accounting methods and procedures, and in insurance probabilities.


Actuary:Actuary refers to the name of a person who is an expert in the science of insurance. He calculates annuities and other life insurance matters. He determines by actuarial valuation the profits of a life Assurance Company and other kinds of companies.


Terms used in  business such as Active Income,Active Partner, Ad Rotation ,Added Value,Adjunct,Adjusted Present Value etcAd hoc - Created or done for a particular purpose as necessary and not planned in advance.


Ad Rotation - Describes the rotation of advertisements on a web page - each time a user clicks on a different page or returns to a page they've viewed previously in the same session, a different advert appears on the screen.


Ad valorem / Ad valorem :In proportion to the value: A phrase applied to certain freight or customs duties levied on goods, property, etc. set as a percentage of their value.


Ad Valorem Tariff - A tariff assessed as a percentage of the value of an import.


Ad Valorem Tax:This is charged as a percentage of the value of a good or service, not at a specific rate per unit.


Ad valorem:It means according to value”: An ad valorem, refers to customs duty imposed on certain articles having regard only to the value or quality of articles and not the weight or quantity.


ADA :Average Daily Attendance, total number of days of attendance for all students divided by the total number of school days in a given period.


Addbacks:  Discretionary expenditures made by business owners that are “added back” to the bottom line during the  recasting process


Added Value :MARKETING an increase in the attractiveness to customers of a product or a service achieved by adding something to it.


Addendum - An added section of information in a letter or report.


Address header / Porte-adresse :Part of your mailing (generally the letter) displaying the address of the recipient and that will appear in the address window of the envelope.


Address space / Bloc Adresse :Rectangle containing the mailing address on direct marketing materials.


Address traps / Adresses pièges :Addresses expressly integrated in a file to detect fraudulent use or ensure that a mailing has been properly received.


Adjudication:This is an order given by the court declaring a person as an insolvent.


Adjunct - A thing which is added or attached as a supplementary, rather than an essential part of something larger or more important.


Adjusted Book Value: The value of a company in terms of the current market values of its assets and liabilities.


Adjusted Present Value - A valuation method that separately identifies the value of an unlevered project from the value of financing side effects.


ADM :Average Daily Membership, the number of days a student is in membership at a school divided by the number of days in a school month or school year.


Administrative expense: Expenses chargeable to the managerial, general administrative and policy phases of a business in contrast to sales, manufacturing, or cost of goods expense.


Adoption Curve - A graph showing the rate at which a new piece of technology is bought by people for the first time. It is based on the idea that certain people are more open for adaptation than others.


Advance (advance bill) / Avance (effet tiré d'avance)


Advance in export currency / Avance en devises export :Bank financing of cashflow for exporters who grant their foreign buyers a term of payment . If the foreign currency advance is granted in the billing currency of the commercial contract, it also serves as a means of covering exchange risks.


Advance Pricing Agreement (APA):It is an agreement between a taxpaying entity and the taxman that indicates how the former will price transactions with its associates.


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an encryption algorithm used by U.S. government agencies to secure materials. It is predicted that AES will soon be used in the private sector with commercial transactions.


Adverse Event - Term used when a volunteer in a clinical trial has a negative or unfavourable reaction to a drug, etc.


Advertisement: This is an art of making the public aware of a particular commodity or service and inducing them to buy it. It is a printed salesmanship.


Advertising - The promotion and selling of a product or service to potential customers. To announce publicly or draw attention to an event, etc.


Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) - The UK self-regulatory body funded by the advertising industry for ensuring that all advertising adheres to ASA standards, notably not to offend or mislead people. Equivalents named the same exist in other countries.


Advertising: The practice of bringing to the public's notice the good qualities of something in order to induce the public to buy or invest in it.


Advertorial - An advert in a magazine or newspaper that is written like an article giving facts rather than appearing as an advertisement for a product.


Advice Note:This is written communication informing that a particular transaction has already taken place or is about to take place.


Advising bank / Banque notificatrice :In the context of documentary credit, this is the intermediary bank that advices the documentary credit to the beneficiary following a request by the issuing bank. The advising bank, however, does not necessarily offer any guarantees to the beneficiary and merely conveys the information.


Advising Bank - Bank, usually in the country of the seller, whose primary function is to authenticate the letter of credit and advise it to the seller.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Active Income, Active Partner, Ad Rotation ,Added Value,Adjunct,Adjusted Present Value,Adverse Event,Advertising , Advice Note etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.  Terms used in business such as Access Arrangement,Access bond,Access Channel , Accounting equation,Accounting period etc

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